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Brisbane, Cycling: Brisbane is constructing a number of cycle routes and dedicated, off-road bikeways. The South-East Bikeway is a bicycle only bikeway running adjacent to the South East Freeway. It empties onto the Goodwill Bridge at South Bank, which in turn, connects with the Bicentennial Bikeway underneath the Riverside Expressway. The Bicentennial Bikeway continues along the Brisbane River to Toowong.
A limited number of buses used to carry cycle racks on the front but this service is no longer available. Bicycles are easy to transport on the CityCats, and many stops have bicycle racks. During peak hour, bicycles on Queensland Rail (QR) Citytrains are restricted to counter-peak-flow services (i.e. You have to be travelling away from the city in the morning, and to the city in the afternoon). Exceptions to this are relatively uncommon such as fold up bicycles fitting within certain dimensions. Riding a bicycle on QR property is always forbidden.
A bike station in the King George Square busway station offers many amenities including showers and locker rooms for members. Subscriptions for a Velib style community bike hire scheme called citycycle by JCDecaux for Brisbane started on the 1 September 2010 with bikes available from 1 October 2010 at 150 stations from the University of Queensland to Teneriffe.

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Translink, Public Transport in Queensland, Bus Train Ferry, (Wikipedia) - TravelSmart, information from Queensland government

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GraffitiSTOP, a Queensland Government initiative

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Brisbane street map (

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  • Maleny Eco Village on, the first eco-project of Eco Villages Australia. added 16:30, 2 May 2021 (UTC)

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Queensland to ban single-use plastic bags from 2018, Nov 25 [1]


Solar has won. Even if coal were free to burn, power stations couldn't compete, July 7 [2]


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