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Initiatives by topic[edit | edit source]

Community energy[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia: Solar power in Mississippi: on rooftops can provide 22% of all electricity used in Mississippi. Mississippi is one of only two states, along with Florida, to have no potential for wind power, having no locations that would provide at least 30% capacity factor, although 30,000 MW of 100 meter high turbines would operate at 25% capacity factor.

Open spaces[edit | edit source]

Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain

Sustainable transport activism[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia: Hiking trails in Mississippi (category)

Towards sustainable economies[edit | edit source]

Cooperation Jackson, The broad mission of Cooperation Jackson is to advance the development of economic democracy in Jackson, Mississippi, by building a solidarity economy anchored by a network of cooperatives and other types of worker owned and democratically self-managed enterprises.

News and comment[edit | edit source]


How a rural Mississippi town created a new local economy to rebuild its Main Street, Feb 15 [1]


How Mississippi Banks are Disrupting the Cycle of Poverty, Sep 12 [2]

Interwiki links[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia: Mississippi



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