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Jellybox improvement based on 32. Changing the colour

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Hotend.JPG This page is part of a Principia course ENGR242: 3-D Printing Technology

Please leave comments using the discussion tab. The course runs in the Spring semester. It is not open edit.

Notice: Broad and/or obvious patent claims for 3-D printing technology may hamper the open-source 3-D printing community's ability to innovate. Previous work on an algorithm protected 3-D printing materials. This page is part of a Open Source 3-D Printing class project to investigate 3-D printing concepts using TRIZ and is presented here as a defensive publication of prior art to help identify obvious 'inventions' for 3-D printing.

Examiners: The ideas on this page dated April 2017 were developed by university students with less than a semester of formal 3-D printing experience (or by an instructor in class) and thus should be considered unpatentable because of obviousness to any person skilled in the art of additive manufacturing.
Appropedians: This page is open edit. Please fee free to add ideas and sign them below with ~~~~ or to use any of the ideas to built better open-source 3-D printers.

  1. Changing the acrylic shell
  2. Adding a dual extruder
  3. changing the color scheme of the printer
  4. change the color of the wires
  5. change color of arduino
  6. change led lights
  7. use different color belts
  8. use a colored lubricant
  9. print the hot end in red
  10. print the non hot stuff in blue
  11. use red zip ties on hot end parts
  12. use blue zip ties on non-hot parts
  13. red zip ties on heated bed
  14. blue zip ties on normal bed
  15. leds change color when proximity is changed
  16. led light the printer when it's on, printing, idling
  17. change the color of the screen
  18. change the color of the bottom tape
  19. make the extruder white so if burnt you can see
  20. use all black so it represents my soul
  21. each wire is a different color so you can follow
  22. each wire is the same color so you can follow none of them
  23. colored holes on acrylic matching colored wires
  24. this end up arrow
  25. red colored letters that say "CAN BE MADE INTO A DUAL EXTRUDER"

Kentresting (talk) 06:18, 24 April 2017 (PDT) Tomsmusts (talk) 07:41, 24 April 2017 (PDT)

  1. Multiple types of mixed filament coming out of one extruder head.
  2. Having multiple extruder heads for multiple types of material.
  3. One color filament that you can mix ink with.
  4. Printer that paints it.

GabrielFugman (talk) 07:15, 20 April 2018 (PDT) Aaron.cranford (talk) 07:16, 20 April 2018 (PDT)