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Cranford photo.png

Hi. I'm Aaron Cranford, a student at Principia College. I'm studying studio art as my major. As of now I'm taking a class called 3-D Printing Technology (242-2018) where I'm learning the many different aspects of 3-D printers and the open source movement.

The Open Source Movement[edit]

The open source movement is pretty cool if you ask me. It seems like when you have tons of people working a little bit on their own time opposed to a smaller amount of people being paid to work a lot, the large group tends to reach further distances. I'm really excited to see what things have been created through open source collaboration and what I can do to contribute.




Creating in 3D[edit]

CELTIC DESIGN PROJECT So now we have this project to make a celtic thing. I have a lightswitch. Here's what I was able to do in Netfabb:

Cranford celtic lightswitch design.JPG

Pretty good, huh? I booled a bookmark and a sized cube to make room for the hole, and then booled the bookmark to the light switch cover. (Much easier said than done)

Here's the successful celtic print for my mashup project!

Cranford celtic lightswitch print.jpg

Designing for Others

Now I'm working on a WACOM pen holder.

A cranford pen holder.jpg

Here's the design done.

A cranford pen holder 2.jpg

And here's the final product! Print yours here: https://3dprint.nih.gov/discover/3dpx-008954

Designing for the World

For our OSAT project we had the task of designing something for developing countries. I decided to do something for their physical education area, I made jump rope handles!

A cranford osat jump rope2.JPG


My 3-D Printer[edit]

Week 4: Right now I'm having trouble getting my printer to work. There's a short somewhere that I think I'll need to repair. I accidentally fried my friends Arduino. It might have been mine or his, I'm not sure but I need to fix the connection first to make sure I don't fry another one. Week 7: Okay so what was wrong was there was a short in one of the wires and also there was a problem with the hat on the arduino. I didn't know what to do but my teacher helped me out and now I'm finally printing something!