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There have been many green wikis, dating back to Ekopedia (started in 2002), Village Earth's Appropriate Technology Wiki Project (started in 2004) and Wiki Green (started in March 2006) - the last two of which have since joined forces with Appropedia, and the first of which is currently in discussions about a merger. (See Appropedia:Tributary wikis for a complete list of merged wikis - these wikis are not listed below.)

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Active wikis[edit | edit source]

Active wikis with a focus on green living, international development, appropriate technology and related subjects, starting with the most active wikis, include the following. (If you find one that is inactive, please mark it Inactive and move to the bottom.)

Some fields have not been filled in (to complete every detail for every wiki would be extremely time consuming), but feel free to update and add to the table. (Leave the details on the talk page if you find the table markup confusing. We hope to have an easier way to edit tables, in time.)


  • G = Green green issues (specific or general)
  • A = Activism and/or politics in sustainability.
  • Dev = Human and international development topics
  • ID = International development, poverty, and humanitarian aid
  • HD = Human development more generally, not necessarily in less developed countries.


  • This is a sortable table - click the icon on each column heading to sort by the various criteria - including activity ("Edits in 30 days), number of pages, and topics.
  • Activity is assessed by the number of edits in 30 days, with certain exceptions.[1] This is not a highly accurate measure of activity, as edits vary widely in size and quality - however it's a useful initial indicator. This number is followed by "RC" which is a link to RecentChanges for 30 days, where available.
  • In some cases the wiki only allows the last 7 days to be viewed; in this case an estimate is made for 30 days (multiplying by 30/7), and this is noted.
  • Start date has sometimes been based on when the main page was created, when other data has not been found - in these cases it is marked.[2] This could be an underestimate of age in some cases, if the wiki or the front page has moved.
Project Focus/scope Green? Act? Dev? OD
Start date; launched by. License[3] Pages[4] Edits in 30 days[1] Notable features
Appropedia A very broad resource on sustainability, international development and appropriate technology. G HD, ID OD 2006-04-04; Independent (Appropedia Foundation)[5] CC-BY-SA 7,417[6] 0,831 edits in 30d[7] est. from 7 d count of 194[8] RC
Greenlivingpedia - Green buildings and green living in mainstream Western, urban settings. G 2007-02-11; Peter Campbell & Rob Janson, background in IT, an interest in green building? GFDL, presumably moving to CC-BY-SA 0,552[9] 0,000 edits in 30d[9] RC
Coastal Wiki Ecology and the natural environment of coasts. G 2006-11-24; ENCORA - joint program of various European networks (governmental? NGO?) Undefined[10] 2,321[9] 0,306 edits in 30d[9]RC Restricted to approved scientist contributors.
BioenergyWiki Biofuels, bioenergy sustainability, and related issues. G 2004-08-05; BioenergyWiki CC-BY-NC-SA 0,719[9] 0,000 edits in 30d[9]RC
Pure Energy Systems Wiki a.k.a. PES Network, Inc. Zero-point energy[11] as well as less controversial forms of alternative energy. G 2004-08-05; Pure Energy Systems a.k.a. PES Network, Inc. GFDL 3,276 0,000 edits in 30d[9]RC
Open Source Ecology
(The Factor E Farm wiki)
Open design appropriate technology; self-sufficiency, living off the grid, documenting Factor E Farm's technological development. The nuts and bolts of sustainability. Open Source Ecology. G HD OD 2007-08-20; Marcin Jakubowski, hands-on appropriate technologist. Dual: GFDL 1.2, CC-BY-SA 4.0 6,635[9] 0,402 edits in 30d[9][1]
Sola Roof Wiki Green building, specifically the SolaRoof design: "Liquid Bubble Insulation and Liquid Solar technologies."Richard Nelson G 2004-01-09; Richard Nelson a.k.a. Sola Roof Guy CC-BY-NC-SA 0,751[12] 0,001 edits in 30d[9]RC PmWiki, uses sub-wikis.[13]
P2P Foundation - cataloging the big ideas around peer-to-peer collaboration, in areas including sustainability and development; connecting movements and projects with a common ethos. Focus/scope OD 2005-04-25; Michel Bauwens. CC-BY-NC-SA 2.5 plus fair use 6,966 0,400 edits in 30d[9] RC
Wikia Green, a commercially operated wiki, launched in 2008. This was well over a year in the planning, with some difficulty finding suitable people to lead the project. Launched with much fanfare in the media. Focus/scope G 2008-??; Jimmy Wales.[14] License 0,665[9] 0,022 edits in 30d[9]RC Wikia site
Sustainable Ballard
Non-profit organization developing a grassroots vision of sustainability for the community of Ballard, (Seattle) G A 2005-10-25; local community. Undefined[10] 0,358 0,000 edits in 30d[9] RC
Swindon Climate Action Network
For Swindon Climate Action Network volunteers to share information with each other and with the wider world G A 2006-02-??; independent group of people from across Swindon. None found[15] 0,071[16] 0,000 edits in 30d[9] RC An "EditMe" web site, which is "a kind of wiki". Everyone involved with SCAN can edit.
EcoReality[2] An actively forming ecovillage in the South Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada. G A 2005-02-05;[17] Jan Steinman/Saltspring Ecovillage Education and Development Society, EcoReality Sustainable Land Use and Education Cooperative" 0,605[9] 0,057 edits in 30d[9] RC
Critical Mass wiki Focus/scope G A 2006-06-19; Wikia community[14] GFDL/CC-BY-SA[18] 0,402[9] 0,009 edits in 30d[9] RC Wikia site
Huddler's Green Home Community - Commercial wiki. Focus/scope G (?) March 2008 or later;, green commercial site. Copyright (?) 0,000 edits in 30d[9] RC
PermaWiki Almost inactive (around 2 edits per month). Focus/scope G Start date; Wikia community.[14] 0,247[9] 0,000 edits in 30d[9] RC Wikia site
Green Options wiki Green Options Media blog network (About). Commercial. G 2007-02 or 2007-01? (?) (?)[19] 0,000 edits in 30d[9][=40 RC]
Green Cooking Wiki "simple ways to green-up your cooking" Inactive - no changes from 28 Jul 2008 to present (21 Nov 2008). 0,022[9] 0,000 edits in 30d[9] RC
building-green wiki - A quick website for Brighton & Hove Building Green Inactive (no edits in 9 months to 21 Nov 2008). The About page on the main site says "Building Green has a wiki. You can access minutes of meetings and so on there." - But although it has a specific purpose, it apparently has not been updated, and "minutes" returns no results. 0,013[9] 0,000 edits in 30d[9]
WirelessAfrica wiki ICT4D, Africa, wireless ID 2007-06-08; Meraka Institute - ICT in Education, South Africa. Undefined[10] 0,121[9] 0,000 edits in 30d[9] RC
ICT4D ID 2005-02-24; Ismael Peña-Lópe, lecturer at the Open University of Catalonia CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0[20] 0,633[9] 0,000 edits in 30d[9] RC Spanish language interface to the same wiki
Solar Cooking Archive Wiki
Using solar energy to cook food and pasteurize water. Design, manufacture and promotion. G ID OD 2006-12-14; Solar Cookers International (see About)[14] GFDL 1,764[9] 0,651 edits in 30d[9]est. from 7 day count of 152 RC Wikia site; multi-lingual
Howtopedia (en)
Practical knowledge on simple technologies. G HD 2004;[21]
Maud Chatelet & others, based in Zurich.
License 0,268[9] 0,000 edits in 30d[9] RC Multi-lingual (French 58 pages & Spanish 11 pages)
Akvopedia Water: Water and sanitation subjects, especially low cost technologies. ID OD 2007-05-18; Akvo. GFDL[18] 1,938[9] 0,185 edits in 30d[9] RC Akvo is working to integrate the knowledge resource with access and feedback mechanisms using mobile phone technology.
Water Wiki (UNC School of Government)
[ About]
Water: "a place for experts and everyone else to share and refine their knowledge about water policy and law." HD 0,000 edits in 30d[9] Notable features
BCEOHRN Water Wiki Focus/scope G HD/ID 0,009 0,000 edits in 30d[9] RC Notable features (Advanced Civilization Wiki) Post-scarcity G HD 2005-08-22; Charles Collis GNU Free Documentation License 1.2 0,150[9] 0,000 edits in 30d[9] RC
KM4Dev wiki Knowledge Management for Development ID 2007-01-07; launched by ? CC-BY-SA 3.0 NonCommercial 0,385[9] 0,011 edits in 30d[9] RC Community combines Ning-Dgroups-Mediawiki, active mailing list, & uses km4dev tag on Twitter. Technical solutions & processes esp for developing countries & crisis regions.[3] ID OD 2009-07; launched by? CC-BY-SA 3.0 0,098[9] 0,000 edits in 30d[9]
Demotech Appropriate technology as solutions to poverty ID OD (?) (other parts of Demotech site are marked CC-BY-SA) (not found)[19] 0,000 edits in 30d[9] RC PmWiki; some Spanish content.
WikiProgress Human progress, progress indicators HD 2009-10?; OECD. GFDL 1.3 0,491 RC
WikiGender Gender issues, incl in development HD 2007-09?; OECD. GFDL 1.3 0,931 RC Google Translate in wiki skin; Facebook Connect.
Sustainability Made Simple: The "Green" Wiki 2009 technical writing course G 2009; launched by. License 0,044[9] 0,000 edits in 30d[9] RC PBWorks

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Spend some time with a search engine, and you could probably double this list or more. However most are minimally active at best.

This list is partly taken from Greenlivingpedia:Directory#Wikis, also under a GFDL license.

To be checked and incorporated:

Inactive wikis[edit | edit source]

The following wikis are no longer accessible. Archived versions of the wikis may be available through resources such as the Wayback Machine. Information in this table is from the last update to the active wikis table on this page.

Focus/scope Green Act Dev OD Start date;
Launched by
License Pages
Climate and Conservation Wiki
Global Climate Change (GCC) / Global Warming and how it relates to and affects the conservation of biodiversity. G 0000; David Wiedenfeld GFDL 0,134
Sustainable architecture - European examples G?
Environmentalism and social justice (global but with an Australian focus) G A 2006-08-18; User:Naught101 GFDL, presumably moving to CC-BY-SA 0,525
Global Warming Art
Graphic images and information about climate change; aims to provide easy access to the data and results that have framed the scientific discussion of climate change. G A 2005-11-17; Robert A. Rohde GFDL 0,070
Green Hotels
Green Policy 360
Green policy for global greens G 2011 or earlier; Steven Schmidt & Dean Myerson 2,276
My ECO Guide Wiki
how to enjoy eco-friendly living and take serious action in a balanced way. G 2008-07-31; People for Earth CC-BY-SA 3.0 0,239
Open design appropriate technology; self-sufficiency, living off the grid, related to Factor E Farm. 0000; group connected to Factor E Farm & the Open Source Ecology wiki. 0,006
Permaculture G CC-BY-SA 3.0 0,330
Open methodologies for sustainable business. G 2007-12-17; Sean McClowry CC-BY 0,082
Livable streets, urban planning. G 2007; Streetsblog, members of The Open Planning Project CC-BY-SA 3.0 0,299
Technology and Social Action Wiki
Established to foster dialogue and collaboration between activists in social movements, voluntary and community organizations and technology designers. A
The Public Health Wiki
Public Health HD? 2007-06-16; University of Manitoba Copyright held by a university body 0,087
The Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts
Arts G
Transition Ideas
Student-led sustainability projects G A? 2,276
Public health HD 2007-05-10;[2] 0,145
Ekopedia (French)
G ID? 2004-07; Jean-Luc Henry Licence Art Libre (Free Art License, FAL) 1,802
to define and explain the techniques allowing us to build a better life for us and our environment G 0000; Jean-Luc FAL/GFDL(dual) 0,170
encourages discussion and the generation tips that benefit you and the planet. G 2006-09-15; CC-BY-S 0,425
Sustainable Community Action
To link up community and personal action for sustainability worldwide. A 0000; Wikia community GFD 1,639
An enviroment and social justice wiki G A 2006-01-24; 0,124
The Sustainable Campuses project
to empower students to lead initiatives on their campuses toward greater social, ecological and economic sustainability G 0000; Sierra Youth Coalitio
Cloud Forest Institute
Preparing students to forge a peaceful, sustainable, diverse, healthy, respectful, balanced, equitable, and hopeful future. G 2004-08-19; Cloud Forest Institute 0,166
Sustainability Wiki
G 2008-09-04; Luca de Alfaro & Ian Pye; 0,001
PATA's Sustainable Tourism Wiki
G 2007-12-20; Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA). 0,005
The "Good Tourism" Wiki
Responsible tourism G 2008-12-18?; David Gillbanks 0,005
Green Infrastructure Wiki
G 0,011
Sustainable Indiana 2016
Sustainability in Indiana, USA. G 0,009
It's Not Easy Being Green Wiki
Seattle Permaculture Guild
Stop Global Warming
G A 0,001
Global Warming
Art about climate change A 0,001
YesMagazine wiki
G A ID? 0,187
Sustainability Wiki
G 0,020
Sustainapedia Northwest
G 0,078
G 0,011
Bright Green Living
G 2004-09-13; CC-BY 0,044
Green issues, restricted to students of San Jose State University. G 2008-10-16; CC-BY-SA 3.0 0,000
Sustainability, consumer info. About - "gives us choices for living a healthy, useful and conscious life." 2007-07-09; CopperStrings
Green Museums
Great Lakes Wiki
ICT4D: the Austrian Network for Information and Communication Technologies for Development. ID 2008-12-02; CC-BY-SA 3.0 0,010
ICT4D ID 0,150
campus community members and organizations that have come together to see how education institutions can create solutions to the climate crisis. G 2007-11-19; British Columbia student organizations GFDL 0,257
Water HD 2005-08-02; UNDP CC-BY-SA 3.0 2,189
OpenWater Wiki
Laboratory and field analysis of water quality HD 0000; the UNEP GEMS/Water Programme
Water Wiki
Water: "hydrology, water rights, irrigation and any other topic which relates to water resources." G HD 0000; Wikia community GFDL 0,457
Atlanta Water Shortage Wiki
Focus/scope HD
argoedwater Focus/scope G
Summer School on Global Sustainability Information on courses. G 0,050
KSToolKit Wiki
Knowledge sharing, especially in international development. ID 2008-02-21; “tjordan3" CC-BY-SA 3.0 (in footer) 0,220
Emergency/disaster management ID, HD OD 2005 or 2004 as Tsunami Help Wiki?, 2008-08-31 as HurricaneWiki; Hurricane Information Center public domain? 0,146
Joint Bioenergy Institute Wiki
Bioenergy G 0000; Lead sponsor, U.S. Department of Energy's Joint BioEnergy Institute(JBEI). Non-commercial research use allowed 0,074
open source energy monitoring, tutorials on building energy monitors, solar hot water controllers etc G A OD 2009-01; Trystan Lea GNU GPL
Transition Towns Wiki

International development wikis[edit | edit source]

Wikis which are focused on international development rather than sustainability per se, yet to be added include:

A list of these wikis including those focused more on international development (e.g. Akvopedia, Demotech,[19] GrassrootsWiki, Howtopedia, and the Solar Cooking Archive Wiki) is found at SWS included sites list - this is intended to be the basis of a cross-wiki search.

Writings[edit | edit source]

"I want access. I want well-informed opinion. I want stylish inspiration. I want one-stop shopping for information.
"Now, I know that all of this information exists out there, piecemeal. But that's exactly the point: I have to hunt for it, evaluate the credibility of each source, suss out whether I agree with their criteria and aesthetic. I have to work. I don't want to work that hard. I'm an American.
"We need to make this easy and fun, folks."
Discussion in comments leads to the decision to start a wiki - as explained in following blog posts.
Lays out in point form the steps needed.
Discussion in comments, including the idea of getting undergraduates involved (note: this has proven to be a valuable idea on Appropedia), and how to dealing with opinion and product information.
Announces launch, discusses first steps
As with the two previous posts (and most WorldChanging blog posts) the comments were active and ethusiastic.
"But the good is the enemy of the best. Even a good site can be a distraction, if it draws people in but fails to provide the best available content and the most vibrant community. And the best way to provide those things is to work with likeminded people who are already working on the same thing."

Very broad wikis[edit | edit source]

Other wikis have substantial amounts of content, in bodies of knowledge that are much more unrestricted in topic, but restricted in content type:

These in particular are very active. Many contributors are active across a range of topics that interest them - or simply help to maintain the pages, regardless of topic. This has been a very successful model - these are some of the largest wikis in terms of both contributions and traffic.

Analysis[edit | edit source]

Why do some succeed and some not?[edit | edit source]

Promises and enthusiasm are not enough - note the enthusiasm and promises of many commenters associated with the Bright Green Wiki, launched by the prominent and popular site, WorldChanging in 2004. The wiki never became active.

The backing of a high profile entity and individuals and broad media attention would seem to have potential to attract many contributors, but there may be limited "stickiness" to their involvement. Wikia has extensive experience with wikis, and chose not to launch until it was ready with active, committed support (possibly with a paid worker); the site has been more active than the Bright Green Wiki, yet the interest generated by the media attention has not led to a high level of activity beyond a few main contributors, who were already involved before the launch[verification needed] - i.e. it is active, but at this stage it is not one of the most active on this list. This may be seen simply as a matter of timing - the attention is certainly a benefit, and the site is in the consciousness of those who saw the news of its launch, but actually building a base of contributors can be expected to be a much slower process.

So what we see here is a relatively small conversion from reading with interest and commenting positively, to actually making contributions. And then most contributors make a relatively small number of contributions, relatively few going on to being active long-term contributors. Successfully growing the wiki requires improving these conversion rates and/or increasing the sheer numbers of people coming to the site in the first place. I.e. as a site's profile grows and more people come to contribute, the numbers may outweigh the lack of "stickiness."

Backing of solid organizations is also not a guarantee - the appropriate technology wiki was started by an NGO with a wealth of experience and knowledge, who seemed to find that it was not their core focus, and it was not feasible for overworked NGO workers to take on yet another project requiring intensive care. and even a UN body have had difficulty - note UNEP's OpenWater Wiki). Note that this is not to criticize these efforts - where they use open licenses, the work that has been done can be used elsewhere; and as wikis are a new technology, it is to be expected that there is a lot of experimentation

In other cases, of course, similar bodies have succeeded in establishing active wikis, for example UNDP's WaterWiki and the Solar Cooking Archive Wiki started by Solar Cookers International. In these cases there has been an individual who has maintained a committment to the wiki, and others who have contributed in smaller ways, very likely influenced by the active person.

Community and geographically specific organizations have variable results also. The backing of academics seems to be a potentially positive influence, where these academics involve their students in the wiki as part of their coursework. The students may or may not continue to be actively involved (Appropedia's experience is that the continued involvement is generally small if at all) but it does create a wider community of contributors who can be contacted with specific questions when needed.

The role of the group[edit | edit source]

Local groups[edit | edit source]

Multiple communities within a shell - this is the approach of Appropedia, but it has not yet been successful in attracting communities (either organizations or locally based organizations). Also of the Transition Towns Wiki, which has 96 subwikis, mostly locality based (see the structure), and of SolaRoof. These are both based on PmWiki, which allows for more customization of the interface based on the community currently being viewed; also more of a "tree" structure, which is perhaps more intuitive and more easily allows for the locality based structure to dominate.[22] Based on my own experience with wikis, and with my personal focus on locality-independent content, this strikes me as an inferior system from an information architecture perspective - however it does have a certain appeal, in terms of group identity and an architecture which is more easily grasped by the newcomer.

Note that although the local groups are very prominent in these two wikis, this is at least partly due to the fact that they have not created the same kind of locality-independent content. Both types of content are important, and finding ways to achieve both at the same time will be an important question for those in this area, in the next few years.

Collaborative design?[edit | edit source]

The main focus of most of these wikis is sharing knowledge in some form other than design. Exceptions include:

(****scroll through)

Non-wikis include: Projects with flexibility of input style:

  • The Open Architecture Network (OAN), using visual presentation, consistent with traditional methods of architectural design. The site uses an open license, but does not allow editing of other designs, or easily duplicating another project in order to "fork" the design.

Projects aiming at a more structured form of input, which would enable tracking of changes to the design in a way analogous to the diffs in a wiki page. This looks very useful where the issues revolve around the precise design, but may be less useful for gaining participation by less technical people, or where the main issue to convey is a broad design concept, and where there is flexibility in the details of the design (e.g. a briquette press made from old wooden crates or branches).

  • Sam Rose's project... (under construction).
  • Fab Lab. This appears to have great strengths in making prototypes and sharing designs in electronic form to be reproduced elsewhere, as well as for making "one-off" objects and very low production run products. It would be presumably be more costly for items that can be mass-produced.

Sharing of designs where lack of openness may be a restriction include:

  • Make
  • Instructables

These have some similar challenges to the Open Architecture Network, mentioned above.

Effect of merging[edit | edit source]

At face value, looking at the example of Appropedia (Appropedia:A history of collaboration), it may appear that merging has led to an activity decrease with in some green wikis - contributors from one of the wikis will tend to not contribute greatly to the combined effort. However, closer inspection of the timing of activity changes and broader patterns of wiki development reveals that:

  • A big part of it is that most wikis don't really take off anyway, and many become inactive, merger or not.
  • In some clear cases they become inactive before the merger. In these cases the merger has not helped with getting the participants involved again, in practice.

That's not to say it isn't a concern, and it needs further analysis.

The experience of Appropedia and WikiGreen suggests that merging is definitely best for visibility and traffic, and that brings more contributors. But the original contributors don't necessarily hang around - or, to be more accurate, don't necessarily start contributing again.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. 1.0 1.1 "Minor" edits have been counted, as there is no consistent culture between users and wikis as to what is marked as minor. Bot edits are not counted. An attempt has been made to exclude welcome templates on talk pages; new user creation is also not counted, as there is no way of know to easily tell whether it is a serious editor or a spam bot account. Where spam and vandalism is noticeable, an attempt has been made to exclude this and the reversion of spam from the count. (While reversion of spam is a sign of collaboration, it is maintenance rather than creation of content.)
  2. 2.0 2.1 Based on the start date of main page, from its page history
  3. A compatible license is essential for sharing content between wikis. However, when there are a small number of active contributors (often the case in these wikis) it may be relatively easy to get content relicensed.
  4. For MediaWiki this is taken from the number of probably legitimate pages on the Special:Statistics page. For other wikis, an AllPages or Sitemap page is used where available, though this usually leads to a higher figure as it includes tiny stubs and empty pages. When none was found, a question mark is placed in this column.
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  22. ***Note questions discussed in the Appropedia community regarding maintaining group identity, in terms of a navbar/header that depends on the site the visitor came from; also discussions (on Twitter, between @appropedia and @MarkDilley?) about changing sidebar(?) based on the category being viewed. This requires software hacks?)
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