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This page is part of an Akvo project on appropriate technology open collaborations. Feel free to edit this page.
Appropriate technology open collaborations
Appropriate technology restricted collaborations
What makes an open collaboration
A history of Open Source Appropriate Technology
Green wikis and development wikis
Non-wiki collaborative sites for open appropriate technogy
Open knowledge for international development
Writings on Open Source Appropriate Technology
Open patents and social structures for open design
Akvo ATOC - Conclusions and recommendations
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This is a study on open collaborations for appropriate technology, initiated by Akvo.[1]

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Green wikis: Although "green wikis" are mostly not about appropriate technology and thus outside the focus of this study, there are many potential lessons for appropriate technology collaborations:

  • Many of the motives are the same, although the participants in green wikis are probably not as extremely technically oriented as those working on open design projects.
  • There are many more green wikis (and other green collaborations), thus offering a richer set of data, to supplement the experience of appropriate technology open collaborations.

Related projects[edit]

  • Ed Murfitt, masters student in Innovation Design Engineering at the Royal College of Art, London. Interviewed people (in the UK, USA, Canada...) working on open / collaborative initiatives, specially ones with a 'sustainable' goal. See Brave New Collaboration.
  • Alexander Tran is doing his senior thesis paper/design project on the impact of open source on humanitarian architecture/design/international development projects,