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Open Source Ecology (OSE) is a global movement and collaboratory. Our goal and current engagement is building the world's first replicable, open source, post-industrial village. The name refers to an ecology, or ecosystem, of open-source hardware that works as an ecological whole. However, the name implies much more than technology - for technology is merely a basis upon which social organization can happen, in harmony with its natural life support systems. The real issue then emerges - the possibility of unprecedented quality of life for all.

To build a post-industrial village, we are developing and testing the set of tools required to build such a village - the Global Village Construction Set. Land stewardship and local production via open source design and digital fabrication - founded on open sharing of information - are the key features of this adventure. Right livelihood and resolution of pressing world issues is the intended byproduct.


New production run is beginning April 2011[edit | edit source]

OSE has made tremendous strides in producing powerful but basic tools. We are beginning our production run April 6, 2011, running until May 20. Additional opportunities will be available in summer 2011, but early engagement is super important.

We are very eager to have someone on site to do video fab documentation the whole time where they would work on fab drawings and cad and exploded part diagrams and schematics instructional videos etc. If someone is ambitious that is a full time job

OSE is located in Maysville in NW Missouri - one hour from KC. If you can afford a car rental, that's a great way to go. Otherwise, we would be willing to arrange a pick up from Kansas City.

Also, volunteers would need to be prepared to cover their own meals, but lodging can probably be arranged. We will have 3 Mb Internet.

Documentation is critical to successful "open source" manufacturing. We desperately need more high quality technical documentation. That documentation is simultaneously key to making our work replicable (and therefore truly effective and valuable), and ideal for Appropedia. You can help OSE as well as the greater Appropedia community (as well as the larger open source movement) by supporting this effort.

Learn more about our most recent work by watching our Global Village Construction Set video. Also good is our How to build a post-scarcity village.

Please also see our Development Template and our Product Template. These templates are "works in progress" and we could use help in improving them.

This documentation project would be a form of dedicated project visit. See our application. Although the full resume is not essential for this documentation project, please provide us some examples of your writing / documentation skills.

Inventing a New Civilization on a Shoestring Budget[edit | edit source]


Say you want to build a village, enterprise, or for that matter - an entire civilization – because civilization is just a compilation of productive enterprises. Say you have only $10k in your pocket. You can begin to build your habitat with a CEB press of 3000 bricks per day production, and a sawmill with 3000 board feet per day of production – easily. You will need a tractor for earth moving and power. These 3 tools total $6500 for materials to build these tools from open source plans. You can then build the entire technological infrastructure with a personal fabrication open source Fab Lab – with metal melting furnace, 3D printer, CNC machines, and circuit fabrication, for another $3500 in materials, for a total of $10k. You'll have to learn the skill to build and operate the production machinery. We can teach you, and you can even propagate a 5-kingdom gene bank for an entire agricultural infrastructure – it's on the house. You'll just have to find yourself some land, sun, water, and scrap steel. What if this package could be self-replicating? Fab Lab and gene bank make it so. Now we're talking.

An imaginary situation? Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but we're taking the development of the above very seriously at Factor e Farm. See the Distillations videos. And if you are compelled to help - we started a request for proposals for the First World Conference on Open Source Ecology. Please consider applying.

If you can't make it to the Conference, but would like to support this as a True Fan of this work, then subscribe to our campaign by going to our blog.

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