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What a great site you have here!

I have been revisiting recently after Chriswaterguy was discussing the issue of site license changes at my site (Advanced Civilisation).

AdCiv exists to disseminate ideas about (environmentally sympathetic) technological abundance, based on the key topics of open-source design and advanced automation, to create highly scalable and efficient systems to provide a decent standard of living for all that desire it, moving beyond restrictive legacy economics.

A quick overview of the key ideas in the form of slides can be seen here:, and introductions to key concepts can be found on the Main Page (for more info click on section headings or follow tour links bottom right).

Although AdCiv doesn't focus on what might be considered classically 'appropriate', I think there is plenty of overlap between AdCiv and Appropedia.

I'm very happy to discuss areas of mutual interest or any aspects of my views that may be unclear (or flawed)!