The following wikis merged together to form what is now Appropedia[1]

Listed in approximate order of starting:

Project Focus/scope Started by/backed by Launch team's background Start & merge dates Current Status (or status at merge)
The Appropriate Technology Wiki Project Appropriate technology and sustainable development. Included a focus on projects and how-tos - content types not accepted on Wikipedia. Village Earth Established NGO with a focus on and experience in appropriate technology. 2004?; merged 12-14 March 2007 A few very good contributions.
WikiGreen Green living, sustainable agriculture Eric Blazek (and Roy Dent?). academia...? 2005?; merged 6 Jan 2007 After some extensive early contributions, the main contributors had not been active for some months.
Students for Global Sustainability Wiki Sustainable development and conservation projects, global and local. Students for Global Sustainability (SfGS), student organization at MIT. SfGS is a chapter of the World Student Community for Sustainable Development (WSC-SD). Jul 2005; merged 30 Jan 2008
Appropedia Appropriate technology, defined to include sustainability, development, and appropriate/sustainable practices. Intended to include many content types, particularly projects. Lonny Grafman, soon joined by Chriswaterguy and Curtbeckmann. Appropriate technology, engineering, Wikipedia, business, IT industry 4 Apr 2006 n/a
Development and Sustainability Wikia All sustainability and international development issues. Chriswaterguy 23 Apr 2006; merged ~26 Jun 2006 Quiet (no contributors other than founder)
WinWinWiki Sustainability, international development and public health, solutions to poverty. Curt Beckmann Science and business 22 Aug 2006; merged early/mid Sep 2006 Quiet (no contributors other than founder)
How To Live Wiki[1] (October 2006 by Vinay Gupta) "How To Live" in the sense of "How To Survive". Vinay Gupta Appropriate technology, emergency preparedness. 7 Oct 2006; merged 19 Mar 2007 Founder was the main contributor.
Sustainapedia Sustainability Ryan Legg of Cornell University, Jim Harris of [[Cleantech],[2] and a group of people at a conference... academia, business. Project established... ; Joined forces in early 2007(?), before launching their own site. n/a
Sgoals ( Sustainable Goals Greg Clark Corporate (supply company?) merged 5 April 2007

Notes[edit source]

  1. It could be said that one by one they merged into Appropedia. However in each case there were discussions about direction, some clarification of purpose, and open discussion over preferred names; so it has been approached not as a takeover, but as a venture of partners.

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