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This Development and Sustainability Wikia is meant to serve the needs of professionals, academics, volunteers and the very keen, who are working in the fields of development & sustainability. This includes all types of:

How it works[edit | edit source]

This is an experimental "mini wiki", created through Scratchpad Wiki Labs. If it proves popular, it can be transfered to it's own domain on Wikia (e.g. - unless we've come up with a better name by then).

Make sure you leave on the page when you save it to make it part of the Development and Sustainability wiki.

Comparison with Wikipedia[edit | edit source]

This site is a complement to Wikipedia, not a competitor. Most importantly, this Wikia does not aim to develop encyclopedia style articles.

Wikipedia Development & Sustainability Wikia
NPOV (Neutral Point of View) Points of view welcome (as long as they're respectful)
No original ideas or speculation Please share your ideas! (But be clear that they're ideas, and be prepared for others to disagree with you.)
No original research Original research welcomed!
Compilation of information and links Not here please! Put all that at Wikipedia (but you can link to Wikipedia articles from this Wikia).
Be courteous Be courteous
Assume good faith Assume good faith

Any "encyclopedic" material placed here may be removed - although if it's useful the relevant parts should be moved to Wikipedia. If you're not sure where on Wikipedia to put it, then post it on the WikiProject International development talk page.

Resources on[edit | edit source]

Related Wikia[edit | edit source]

See also categories...

Language[edit | edit source]

While this Wikia has been started by English speakers, we welcome all people. We will try to write clearly, and we welcome any attempt to make a space for other languages. This could be achieved by using a different namespace for languages other than English - e.g. Indonesian articles would start with "id:". We could link between pages on the same topic, using the same kind of inter-language link that Wikipedia uses.

History of this wikia[edit | edit source]

This wikia was created as a mini wiki at Scratchpad Wiki Labs on 27 April 2006, by Singkong2005 (now known as Chriswaterguy).

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