Potawot Health Village

1600 Weeot Way

Arcata, CA 95521

Mon. - Fri.

Administration: (707) 825-5000
Medical: (707) 825-5010
CHW: (707) 825-5070
Nutrition: (707) 825-5030
Dental: (707) 825-5040
C&FS: (707) 825-5060
Pharmacy: (707) 825-5020

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If you are a student working on a topic listed below make sure to add this category to your page. By adding this category to you page your page will be automatically listed as a subcategory for Potawot as a whole.

In order to add this category type: [[Category:Potawot]]

  • Basket Weaving - Demonstration Area (describe the location, plants, uses)
  • Basket Weaving - Pesticide Use and Impacts (describe how pesticides impact in Humboldt County, Programs to reduce)
  • Restoration -Forest (describe forest restoration process, success, difficulties)
  • Restoration Grasses (describe grass restoration process, success, difficulties)
  • Restoration Seasonal Wetlands (describe seasonal wetland restoration process, success, difficulties)
  • Restoration History and Planning (describe the history and planning of the restoration area, including construction photos)
  • Solar Panel Installation (describe the history of project, the funding, the planning, the size, the future plans)
  • Solar Panel Education and Outreach (describe the outreach program, the display that is being built)
  • Storm water –Treatment Pond (describe the purpose of the storm water pond, how it works)
  • Storm water –Seasonal Wetlands (describe the purpose of the seasonal wetlands from a water resource view, can describe storm water treatment credit for construction)
  • Storm water –Swales (describe locations, function, treatment, upkeep)
  • Potawot Path Funding - describe how the paths at Potawot were funded, the difficulties that were encountered, and the diabetes outreach programs provided by the paths.
  • Path - material (describe the pine resin material, costs, durability, advantages, disadvantages)
  • Path - maps (graphically display maps, distances, highlight links to other pages and places or interest)
  • Path - maps (graphically display maps, distances, highlight links to other pages and places or interest)
  • Wildlife - Birds (provide information to potential birders to site)
  • Wildlife - Animals (describe types of animals, where to see them, when to see them)
  • Building - Floors (describe the flooring materials, advantages, disadvantages)
  • Building - Construction (describe construction process, advantages, disadvantages, traditional design)
  • Building - Lighting (describe how building is designed to minimize energy use, via day lighting, solar gain)
  • Garden - Rotation (describe the methods used to keep crops organic, rotations, insects)
  • Garden - Education (describe out reach to community, purpose of garden, diabetes)
  • Garden - Herb (describe plants locations, map, uses)
  • Current Research (describe the current research into water quality of the storm water pond and well water for garden)
  • Volunteering (describe history, contributions by various groups, future opportunities)
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