Figure 1. Picture of the Potawot Sign which can be seen at the grand entrance, photo courtesy of Brandon Jones.

Potawot[edit | edit source]

Overview[edit | edit source]

The United Indian Health Service building was constructed in 2000 <Bill, yard maintenance, Potawot during casual conversation Oct. 28>. The construction process needed to be modern and unique, while still incorporating the 9 different tribes treated at Potawot, and helping them "feel at home." This goal was achieved by displaying paintings done by local high school students, constructing a building complete with redwood panels, and practicing Native traditions.

Innovative ideas included deciding on flooring locations, types, modifications, restoration and much more. The six different flooring options one could find at Potawot consist of glue down commercial tile (VCT), painted cement, glue down carpet, roll out carpet, cement, and a new technique for hardwood flooring. The new technique is basically multiple 2x4 ends tongue and grooved together creating long strips used as a hardwood floor. This hardwood flooring technique was used here and sparked interest to apply this method in the construction of a building at Cal Poly Humboldt, the local State University.

The following are types of flooring used at Potawot:

Floors[edit | edit source]

Material Installation Location Reason Picture
Commercial Tile (VCT) Vinyl Composition Tile is a photographed 12" square that, like shown, is cut for preference then glued down one by one. Dental rooms, doctor offices, and low traffic hallways. Easy maintenance, easy to clean, durable, fairly low cost.
Cement Set just like any other cement flooring, but just before drying, acid was sporadically thrown unto designated areas. A pressure washer was then used to clear off the acid and the excess corroding formula. A 1/4" of the cement eats away, leaving smooth pebbles exposed. Back patio, building entrance, center healing garden, South porch overlooking first pond and on the Northern side of the building. A 1/4" of the cement eats away, leaving smooth pebbles exposed.
Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Cut and glue technique. Predominantly indoor, specifically located in the Southern, Eastern, and Northern hallways. Reduce the number of vacuums needed daily, wheel chair access, durability, lack of maintenance and repair.
Wood Multiple 2x4 ends tongue and grooved together creating long strips used as a hardwood floor. Lobby. Innovative approach intrigued designers, along with durability, cleanliness, and looks.

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