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Welding a Battlebot frame. Long live Pneumaniac! Home built cartesian printer. Has been used to print PLA, ABS, and nylon. Delta printer built at Michigan Technological University

About me[edit]

  • My name is Benjamin Joseph, I am a mechanical and electrical engineer from Michigan Tech. I currently work as a robotics engineer for Dematic North America.

Email : btjoseph@mtu.edu

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Oshw-logo.png This user is a member with interest and knowledge of Open Source Hardware.
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Personal Projects[edit]

ZX6R bracket replacement
Broken footpeg bracket for 2001 ZX6R sportbike, $90 to replace. Breaks every time bike tips over from the wind, being backed into, or falling while riding.  
Finite element analysis strength simulation for PLA part under impulse load while riding. Factor of safety was later improved and material was changed to nylon.  
Test fitment of prototype part to motorcycle frame.  
Functional printed bracket painted green visible on motorcycle. Three OEM brackets totaling $270 were broken before switching to printed parts. This project will continue to pay off for years to come as I continue to ride.  
B17 Flying Fortress
B17 picture views scaled so print dimensions match real-life dimensions.  
Spline outlines on right and top views.  
Images split into many datum planes parallel to front plane  
Splines on each datum plane pierce top and right outlines.  
Splines are used to loft main fuselage. Similar method is used to loft wings.  
Internal view of b17 assembly.  
Tiger I Tank - Current project
Track links, torsion arms and bars, chassis and transmission designed and assembled.  
Interior work continues with the aid of a reference photo on the right plane.  
Chassis split into parts, printed, and assembled.  
Torsion bars, load arms, wheels, track segments printed and assembled.  
Engine and transmission printed and assembled with oil/fuel tanks and engine compartment bulkheads.