Janes Creek watershed for habitat suitability for salmonids

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About the course[edit | edit source]

These pages contain material developed by students at Cal Poly Humboldt under supervision by User:Margarita Otero-Diaz.

Research outputs[edit | edit source]

Assessment of the Water Quality Health Fig 04.jpg
The objective of this project is to assess the water quality health of Martin Slough and Jacoby Creek in Humboldt County for habitat suitability for salmonids
Summary tables of water quality parameters analyzed (DO, temperature, conductivity, pH, turbidity, and TSS) and their importance in terms of effects on
Figure 1-1.png
The ditch is a section of Jane’s Creek located along Aldergrove Road in Arcata CA. The area of study for Jane’s Creek located near the ditch was chosen
Appendix A. Raw data: The raw data collected from each of our testing locations were recorded in Table A-1 and A-2. The columns represent the parameters
Figure 3-2.png
The portion of Janes Creek assessed within this project is centered around Meadows Park, located on Janes Creek Dr. in Arcata, CA. Figure 3-1 shows the

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