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Our team has conceived the Cardiac Surgical Skills Training Module to address the training of surgical correction of simple congenital heart defects, starting with surgical closure of patent ductus arteriosus (PDA). We believe that our model will allow surgeons to gain confidence and competence in performing the identification, dissection, closure, and complication management of PDAs within their home institutions.

Team members[edit | edit source]

Name Country Institution
Dr. Will Shu United Kingdom OrganLike Ltd.
Dr. Rodrigo Soto Chile Gift of Life International
Dr. Henrik Burn Norway Oslo University Hospital
Owen Roninson United States of America Haiti Cardiac Alliance
Alan O'Donnell, PA United States of America Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Erin Brenner, RNFA MSN United States of America Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Dr. Tyler Wallen United States of America University of Florida
Dr. Marisa Seepersaud Guyana Georgetown Public Health Corporation

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