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(This page part of Open Source Transport Informatics tools listing, for the OSSTIP project, especially OSSTIP/WP2- Transit Informatics tools review.)

Fig 1: Screenshot of using the ScheduleViewer tool, part of the GoogleTransitDataFeed distribution, to examine the tram network in Melbourne, Australia.

(Description modified from that on the project homepage - see URL below).

The TransitFeed (formerly GoogleTransitDataFeed) Open source software project is an effort to offer tools for reading, writing, and converting to and from the General Transit Feed Specification format, to help make public transit information projects more successful for agencies and other interested parties. The project currently offers code for working with transit data in the Java and Python languages.

It contains a series of sub-tools, including:

  • ScheduleViewer:- a nice mini web-application that when run on a local GTFS feed, allows users to explore interactively and validate the data (see screenshot);
  • FeedValidator:- a helpful tool to run a series of automatic validation checks on a dataset, and generate a report. This is important for fixing errors in feeds.

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