Use this template to search and display search results in a wiki page.

Parameters[edit source]

  • 1 or query - Required! Search query. See mw:Help:CirrusSearch for all available search operators. For example:
    • water - Search all pages with "water" in the text or title
    • -water - Search all pages without "water" in the text or title
    • intitle:water - Search all pages with "water" in the title
    • -intitle:water - Search all pages without "water" in the title
    • incategory:Water - Search all pages in Category:Water
    • -incategory:Water - Search all pages not in Category:Water
    • linksto:Water - Search all pages that link to Water
    • -linksto:Water - Search all pages that don't link to Water
    • inlanguage:es - Search all Spanish pages
    • -inlanguage:en - Search all non-English pages
    • hastemplate:Page_data - Search all pages with Template:Page data
    • -hastemplate:Page_data - Search all pages without Template:Page data
    • subpageof:Water - Search all subpages of Water
    • -subpageof:Water - Search all pages that are not a subpage of Water
  • namespace - Namespace to search, defaults to the main namespace. For example:
    • namespace=2 - Search user pages (see namespace numbers)
    • namespace=* - Search all namespaces
  • limit - Max number of results, defaults to 10. For example:
    • limit=100 - Limit to 100 search results
    • limit=max - Maximum allowed number of results (5000)
  • sort - Sort criteria, defaults to 'relevance'. Allowed values:
    • sort=create_timestamp_asc - Oldest pages first
    • sort=create_timestamp_desc - Most recent pages first
    • sort=incoming_links_asc - Least linked pages first
    • sort=incoming_links_desc - Most linked pages first
    • sort=last_edit_asc - Most recently edited pages first
    • sort=last_edit_desc - Least recently edited pages first
    • sort=random - Random sorting
    • sort=relevance - Sort by relevance as determined by the search engine
  • format - Format of the search results, defaults to 'list'. Allowed values:
    • format=list - Return an unordered list (<ul>) of search results, linked to their pages
    • format=card - Return pretty search cards (see Template:Search card)
    • format=count - Return the total number of search results as a plain number
    • format=plain - Return a comma-separated list of plain titles for further processing
    • format=json - Return a JSON object for further processing, for example in a Lua module

Examples[edit source]

Basic[edit source]

{{Search results|panel}}

Search operators[edit source]

{{Search results|panel incategory:Photovoltaics linksto:Solar_energy}}

Parameters[edit source]

{{Search results|panel|limit=5|sort=create_timestamp_asc}}

Card format[edit source]

{{Search results|panel|format=card}}
were to have both a photovoltaic panel and a solar thermal system. The current design for PVT is to have a solar panel glued to a solar thermal system.
A house fitted with both thermal and photovoltaic panels
the solar panel and the battery. The controller stops the battery from discharging through the solar panel when the sun is not out and the panel is not creating
taping the edges of each panel. Before the panel is sealed, moisture absorbing materials could be thrown into the open face of the panel to help with longevity
literature review and here Photovoltaics. 1-Panel Collection of PV cells designed and installed on the panel depending on serial or parallel configuration
Robins were causing shading on the solar panel. This shading was interfering with the efficiency of the panel. This was causing extra work for the farmer
for external communications Monitors meteorological conditions, panel power, and panel temperature through two multiplexers Measurements will also be taken
to reach both sides. Two panels on. Four panels on. Five panels on. One panel left. One left. All panles up. Four of the panels we wired in series with
see the panel on the right. Justification as Appropriate The 2008 Parras group listed Ecologically Sound as a definition of AT. This solar panel fits the
the panel negative to the charge controller. Panel positive is being wired to breaker. Panel wires are being connected to charge controller. Panel and

Template data[edit source]

Use this template to search and display search results in a wiki page.

Template parameters

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

Query1 query

Search query

solar panel

Namespace to search (use * for all)


Max number of results (use 'max' for maximum allowed)


Sort criteria

Suggested values
create_timestamp_asc create_timestamp_desc incoming_links_asc incoming_links_desc last_edit_asc last_edit_desc random relevance

Format of the search results

Suggested values
list card count plain json

See also[edit source]

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