(Peace Corps, 1984, 175 p.)
  1. (introduction...)
  2. Acknowledgments
  3. Introduction to training: defining expectations and needs, clarifying goals and objectives; identifying group resources
  4. Looking at your community: the potential for solar food drying
  5. Identifying community needs and resources
  6. Nutrition and solar drying
  7. Solar food dryers: design theory
  8. Model solar food dryer: design and construction
  9. Health considerations in solar drying
  10. The use of solar food dryers
  11. The economics of solar drying
  12. Solar food dryers: design
  13. Working with a group: dynamics and facilitation skills
  14. How people learn
  15. Solar food dryers: construction
  16. Storage of dried foods
  17. Teaching and communication skills - Preparing demonstrations and learning activities
  18. Introducing a new technology is it appropriate?
  19. Fireless cookers
  20. The use of dried foods
  21. Preparing for the fair
  22. Conclusion to training
  23. Appendices

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