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Solar and Energy Conserving Food Technologies[edit]

(Peace Corps, 1984, 175 p.)


The Solar and Energy Conserving Food Technologies Training Manual was developed by the Farallones Institute for the Energy Sector of the Office of Training and Program Support (OTAPS) under Peace Corps Contract #PC 184-1024.

Training Consultants

Laura Goldman
Community Education, Health and Nutrition

Judith Elliott
Solar/Energy Conserving Technologies

Peace Corps Administrative Support
Ada Jo Mann, OTAPS

The materials in this manual are primarily based on In-service Workshops held in Fiji, Belize and Paraguay during 1983-B4, and on the Improved Food Drying and Storage Training Manual, published by Peace Corps.

Thanks go to Peter Zweig and Steven Joyce for their work during related In-service Training programs, as well as for the materials they have developed, which have contributed to the development of this manual.

We appreciate the cooperation, support, administrative assistance (and unflagging good humor) of Peace Corps Paraguay staff during the production of this training manual.

Go in search of your people.
Love them;
Learn from them;
Serve them;
Begin with what they have:
Build on what they know.

But of the best leaders when their task is accomplished, their work is done,
The people all remark:
"We have done it ourselves."

(Old Chinese verse)