(Peace Corps, 1984, 175 p.)

Preparing for the fair[edit | edit source]

Overview AND GOALS:

At the conclusion of the training program, the participants have the opportunity to present to the public the solar and energy conserving food technologies that they have designed and built. During the Fair, a variety of methods of sharing information are put into practice, integrating the technical and community education aspects of the training.


To plan and carry out an event to introduce the public to energy conserving food technologies
To use a variety of effective teaching and communication methods


As determined by the participants, for example: local press and radio, schools (for publicity) Ministries, agencies working in community development (for support and assistance).


As needed, and determined by the training budget


Well ahead of the planned date, the participants should meet (See session 11) and organize the preparation activities. During the training, committees should meet and accomplish tasks.


Encourage the participants to use their creativity in preparing for the Fair. Provide some time during training for meetings, if possible. Give guidance and support, but try to stay on the sidelines so that the Fair is directed by the participants.


  1. (Time as needed, at least one hour) Preliminary Planning Meeting
    (Refer to Session 11) The group should meet to decide on
  • format for the fair
    - time line for accomplishing the tasks
    - committees to share responsibilities

The committees may include: publicity - coordination site (set-up and clean-up) food - program

  1. Preparation Time

The participants determine the planning procedures, and divide responsibilities among the group members.

  1. Rehearsal

Each individual or group should present their contribution to the Fair.


This step may be combined with Session 15: "Teaching and Communication Skills: Preparing Demonstrations and Learning Activities".

  1. The Fair

Each event, activity, demonstration or exhibit should:
- fit the criteria for an "appropriate technology"
- help people think or discover new ways of looking at a problem
- in someway, be entertaining or stimulating
- present information clearly and accurately


The Fair should be held wherever there is sufficient room for a community gathering, preferably outdoors. If rain is likely, have an alternate site in mind. If possible, involve members of the local community in the preparation for the Fair.

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