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Essential knowledge about community relates to:

  • Process - the creating and maintaining of community, e.g. see community participation
  • Actual communities, both online and offline.
  • The physical environment and facilities that can either facilitate community, or discourage it. See urban planning.

Articles on specific subjects about community are found at the category page.

Online communities[edit | edit source]

Online communities are a special case, with their own advantages (you can join from anywhere) and challenges (lack of face-to-face communication, lack of regular incidental interaction in the physical world). The "Online communities" article lists many useful resources for understanding how communities grow, and the many challenges. How to make a successful new wiki discusses the specific challenges of building a wiki community.

Intentional communities[edit | edit source]

An intentional community is a residential community with the shared understanding of participation and co-creation of community.

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