An online community (or virtual community) is connected through email, a forum, a wiki or a social networking platform. Many are for entertainment only, while others are focused on sustainability, tackling poverty, appropriate technology, or design. Communities on such subjects are communities of purpose - however, building and managing such communities require understanding human needs and desires. The members may be more driven, passionate and/or altruistic than those on a hobby forum, but they will still be drawn back to a place where they experience connection and fun.

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Here is some suggested reading. Please share key points that are relevant to Appropedia, on Talk:Wiki community development or the site discussion page or community discussion list, particularly if it has inspired you to take action in a particular way.

Wiki-specific resources:

Deeper study[edit | edit source]

If you've read all the above - the books, the blog archives - you have plenty of knowledge to manage an online community. But if you still want to dig deeper, a few topics that might be useful to study are listed below - start at the Wikipedia articles, learn, and check the resources listed there. (This is an initial guess at useful topics - as you research, please improve the list):

Research and academic resources:

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