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SDG14 Life below water

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Sustainable Development Goal 14: Life below water

Appropedia projects contributing to this SDG[edit]

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The doughnut shaped design will not allow the arrow to leave the rest while the bow is positioned in any shooting angle, the parts are stout and durable, and in the event that one breaks, the parts have been designed to be easily and quickly changed in the field.
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Crawler Harnesses can be cumbersome to keep in your tackle box without a holder and more often than not, if you're walleye fishing, you have a tackle box FULL of crawler harness holders just to keep up
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The posts are of a modular design, and can be built up to allow for more coral to be placed on a single vertical post. The rods slide through the post, and with string tied to the holes on each rod, are tied to the coral so it doesn't move. A weight is tied to the lowest rod in order to keep the vertical posts in place and prevent them from floating.
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Nitrate, the most oxidized form of nitrogen, is regulated to protect people and animals from harmful levels as there is a large over abundance due to anthropogenic factors. The leading certified method to detect and quantify nitrate, demands the use of a toxic heavy metal. An alternative eliminates this problem but requires an expensive proprietary spectrophotometer. The development of an inexpensive portable, handheld photometer will greatly expedite field nitrate analysis to combat pollution.