Every person or sustainable community will find herb gardens an essential part of culinary, medicinal and homemaking materials. In everyday talk, an herb garden is a planting of plants used for either flavorings or for medicinal use, often for both. Herb gardens are not only useful but are also ornamental and instructive. They are a source of good health and culinary pleasure.

Here we hope that those who use this wiki add descriptions, uses and growing instructions for the hundreds of herbs that humankind has discovered and uses from day to day.

Placement of the herb garden[edit | edit source]

Herbs can be grown interspersed with vegetables (taking into account their value in companion planting) or can make use of small gaps in the garden.

The home herb garden should be as close to the kitchen as possible. Of all ingredients, herbs are the ones most likely to be chosen and picked at the last minute. Proximity to the cooking area and last minute picking ensures the freshness and flavor of herbs.

Many herbs require a sunny position. A few, such as mint, do better with some shade and moist soil - mulch helps to conserve moisture. A dedicated herb garden should have a mixture of these conditions, perhaps using larger herbs, a tree and/or fence to provide shade.

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