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Living green and sustainably means being healthy. Normally living this way means you automatically get plenty of exercise, a fresh, chemical-free diet, clean air, etc. People who live thusly need less healing, but the need does arise.

For the most part, conventional medicine holds itself above herbal remedies and rarely admits effectiveness in such. There is an obvious collusion between conventional medical practices, pharmaceutical companies and the US's FDA, that has led to a strong distrust of conventional medicine since it gives the appearance of specializing in palliatives and being somewhat disinterested in real cures. Conventional medicine really shows its worth in trauma care and surgical procedures when necessary.

The commonest medical treatments in the world today are herbal cures. It is often said that the cure for all of mankind's ailments lies in the plants and animals of the wilds. What mankind has discovered so far in this field, shows that this could well be true.

There is a bewildering assortment of alternative medical procedures available today. Many may well be based on the poorly explored ability of the mind to cure the body. Many are based on perceived spiritual and mystical attributes of mind and body. All should be examined with an open mind.

In the spirit of guaranteeing health in sustainable community situations, we offer this section with the fond hope that a thousand healing minds will add information here.

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