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Engineering 370 (Engr 370), Energy, Technology and the Society, is a course addressing the intersection of Energy and Society at Cal Poly Humboldt that was taught by Lonny Grafman and Dr. David Narum in 2011 and Lonny Grafman in 2012.

Objective[edit | edit source]

The objective of this course is to bolster students ability to assess energy issues from a technical and social perspective. The first few classes were partially devoted to co-developing this curriculum using techniques that some future-looking communities (e.g. transition towns) use to co-develop their energy policies.

2012 Objective[edit | edit source]

The objective for the 2012 course (taught by Lonny Grafman) is to be part of a lasting reduction of energy use or negative impacts of energy use in Humboldt County while developing our understanding, expertise, and marketable skills. The class chose the HSU paper towel and the HSU compost contamination projects using the following criteria, while keeping group cohesion and effective management in mind.

Spring 2012 Project Selection Criteria
Criterion Weight
Slap Chop Factor[1] 6
Feasibility 9
Quantifiably reduce or improve energy use and/or impacts 8
Lasting impact 8
Hands-on 5
Adoptability/Adaptability 7
Challenges and leverages our skills 8
Educational value for us and community 7
Local community collaboration and 6
Cultural appropriateness 8

2011 objective[edit | edit source]

The objective for the 2011 course (taught by instructors David Narum and Lonny Grafman) was to be part of a lasting reduction of energy use or negative impacts of energy use in Humboldt County while developing our understanding, expertise, and hire-ability. See their results at Arcata Green Team!

Effect[edit | edit source]

In this course we co-create the syllabus as part of the first week of class. The group processes we use (e.g. open space technology), eventually come back as models of engaging society in community based problem solving. Last year, in addition to studying and completing assignments on various aspects of energy basics, conservation, policy, generation and community efforts, the students:

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Slap Chop Factor = How exciting/inspiring/fun/gratifying/publicizable/catchy/novel is the proposed project? "Stop having boring projects, stop having boring lives."
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