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This is a collaborative research page for members of Engr370 Energy, Technology and Society from January to May 2011 to collect exemplary energy focused Community Based Social Marketing campaigns. Please feel free to contribute below.

[URL Title] or Citation Description of CBSM Description of Community (e.g. rural/urban and relative size) Community size (Small < 10k; Medium<100k; Large<1M, 1M<Very Large) Notes
Conserve Energy Save the World a simple but moving video about the earth and solar energy people who consume / use energy Large The organization behind this video is
Double Panes This spoof of M.I.A. Paper Planes attempts to convey that energy audits and retrofits are cool! The community for this video appears to be anyone familiar with popular music, especially that of M.I.A. Large The organization behind this video is
Greenhouse Gas Cows A cartoon showing why eating cows leads to Greenhouse Gas increases in our atmosphere Designed for kids Large Animal Planet is responsible for this one and is at
Energy, let's save it! This is a cartoon video showing the consequences of wasting energy and the few simple things we can do to save our environment. The community for this video is anyone who likes cartoons. Mostly geared towards kids, but who doesn't love a good cartoon once and a while. Large The organization behind this video is, Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign.
Plastic Consumption Reduction Using the Jay-Z "New York State of Mind" rhythm to create this CBSM campaign to make people aware of plastic consumption Urban youth and adults Large some contact and info​plastics-campaign/​ and​contact/​
Act Now! This video is in the spirit of protest, demanding our governments and politicians pay attention to climate change and take responsibility and make changes. This video is for all communities, the young or old, rich or poor. Large --> Global Friends of the the Earth International produced this video To sign the petition visit
Pay-As-You-Throw Garbage Collection This program has been implemented in over 211 communities around Pennsylvania. Essentially, the community chooses the fee amount and what the money will be used for, making it very adaptable worldwide. Since implementation this program has greatly reduced the amount of waste generated, in some cases as much as 50%. These communities that have this program in place are fairly small. However, this system could work in all sized communities, and in all areas of the globe where trash collection takes place. Small-->Large This is a good example of a policy that communities can choose to adopt. Once in place this policy can quickly cause change because a new social norm is developed.
Bio Diesel Community Action Using a CBSM system to increase knowledge of bio diesel use and production for all purposes, as well as looking to the future of energy sources. The community involved includes diesel car owners, perspective users, and all those interested in the technology. Greater Los Angles area, so very large. Put on by the supporters of bio diesel in LA with help from the 11th hour action.
HSU Rap This is a rap done by the Cal Poly Humboldt Green Campus group. The song addresses a couple of energy efficiency measures while giving a shout-out to LBC at an energy efficiency summit. People who are not so aware of tips that can help them save energy. Small to Large Visit the Green Campus website to learn more about what they are doing to help reduce Cal Poly Humboldt
Want Obama Girl? Save Your Energy! This is a song featuring Obama Girl. She is attempting to be a politically influencing figure in the United States. People who are very new to the energy efficiency realm and interested in reducing their energy bill. Large to Nation-wide Visit her website to learn more:
Using Commitment to Reduce Energy Consumption in Iowa City This CBSM used public participation and commitment of a group that went to the volunteer energy reducer and told them how to reduce there energy consumption. The volunteers were monitored for one month and one group was told that there study would be publicized while the other group was to remain private. The results show a energy reduction in the public group of 10-20% while the private group had no significant change. Iowa city citizens small brought to you by Fostering sustainable Behavior
Carrotmob On March 29th 2008, Brent Schulkin coordinated the first Carrotmob campaign. He went to 23 convenience stores in San Francisco and identified the store willing to make the strongest environmental improvements in exchange for a large number of new customers coming and spending money. Carrotmob organizers have created over a hundred campaigns around the world, from Helsinki to Kansas City, Buenos Aires to Bangkok, Tampa to Singapore. International Use the carrot, not the stick!

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