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My work at GreenWay ( includes (among other things): business sustainability, energy efficiency and renewables, economic development, regenerative design, resilience and adaptation planning, and social media. I am currently (Spring 2011) devoting a lot of time to better understanding how people's brains work, how they learn best, what types of environments foster learning, how we can make work and learning more effective and fun, and of course how we can do all of these things more sustainably. I am a big believer in regenerative design, and am working to incorporate that approach in all that I do.

I have taught at Emory, James Madison and Humboldt State universities in economics, energy analysis and policy, geography, public policy and planning, and regenerative design. From 1990-1995 worked at the Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation, conducting evaluations of energy efficiency programs and energy regulatory policies, focusing on low-income households. For 11 years (1998-2009) I was the Assistant Director of the University National Park Energy Partnership Program (UNPEPP), working with universities and National Parks across the nation to facilitate better energy practices in national park facilities. I have a Ph.D. (1994) in Environment and Resources and a M.S. (1990) in Energy Analysis and Policy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a B.A. (1985) from St. Olaf College in Philosophy and Religion.

I am active in my community. I have served on several local committees and councils, am a school volunteer and was a school board member and have coached soccer for the past 12 years. I live in Arcata with my wife Eileen Cashman and two sons, Pearse and Kai.

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