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This is a collaborative list of links that students in Engr370 Energy, Technology and Society find useful:

Please use the following format[1]:

* External link pasted (e.g., internal link (e.g. [[Power and energy basics]]), book title, movie title, or other.
** One sentence description of what the resource is useful for.


    • The US Energy Information Administration contains independent statistics and analysis of energy sources and uses in the US and the world.
    • A science-fiction short story by Isaac Asimov about the future of energy and existence
    • Third generation solar PV cells: painted-on semiconductors
    • TED Talk by Bill Gates on TerraPower. TerraPower is a based on traveling wave reactor (TWR) technology that (TerraPower claims) can, after an initial start-up with a small amount of low-enriched material, run for decades on depleted uranium.
    • Koppen's research and climate data, includes climate shifts projected by using various climate scenarios. Observations/datasets for last 100 years. Site is kind enough to include raw data files that can be used in GIS or programming for various models. Links to other good climate sites. Climatic Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia and Global Precipitation Climatology Centre (GPCC).
    • U.S. Green Building Council. You can find various information here regarding LEED certification, material sourcing, and energy policy.
    • Earth System Research Laboratory. An extensive array of information and analysis pertaining to carbon sources, sinks, and fluxes.
    • Convert almost any dry organic material into a clean burning "natural gas like" flammable fuel, that can be used to run an internal combustion engine, cooking stove or furnace.
    • Learn about ways you can save on energy costs by location, also has information on how much energy you use and how much your costing depending on where you live. Lots of general information on utilities and how to save on costs.
  • (older version, not sure if they were allowed to post it)
    • ICE report
  • Gap Minder
    • Gapminder on CO2 emissions since 1820 across multiple dimensions
    • Information and updates concerning the US Department of Energy's developments
    • Contains information from an international panel on how the energy cycles are related to the earths climate.


  1. Eventually we will turn this into a table