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Location Humboldt County, California

This is a collaborative research page for members of Engr370 Energy, Technology and Society from January to May 2012 to collect exemplary waste focused Community Based Social Marketing campaigns. Please feel free to contribute below.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

Copy and paste the five pipes and final pipe dash, then paste it in above a pipe dash and fill in your own text.

|The Sanitation twins show us how to recycle everyday items!
|Residents of Portland
|Fred Armistan is a comedic genius!
[URL Title] or Citation Description of CBSM Description of Community (e.g. rural/urban and relative size) Community size (Small < 10k; Medium<100k; Large<1M, 1M<Very Large) Notes
It's Not Trash! It's not trash! Please recycle or reuse! CalRecycle PSA State of California Very Large (around 38 million) just because i am an environmentalist, doesn't make me a sissy!
Where It Belongs Where It Belongs Recycling Contamination Western Illinois University Medium, but can apply to larger audience/community class project
The World's Deepest Bin "Can we get more people to throw their rubbish in the bin by making it fun to do?" Pedestrians throwing out rubbish in a park. Small, but video makes it very large The organization behind this video is
Recycling a bottle, Flash Mob A flash mob congratulates an innocent mall-goer that recycles a plastic bottle. Pedestrians recycling in a mall. Small, but video makes it very large The organization behind this video is Testé sur des humains.
The White Box A comedy bit about sorting trash and the ecological impacts associated with Global Warming Canadian TV watchers who have to learn how to sort their trash Large This type of video may impact those who are sick of hearing about "those poor polar bears."
Cost of Foodwaste A video about the true dollar cost of food waste Monaghan County citizens, in Ireland, especially restaurant goers. Medium This video addresses reducing food waste, not diverting waste, but still impactful.
The Sanitation Twins The Sanitation twins show us how to recycle everyday items! Residents of Portland Urban "Recycling is easy"
The Waste Escape The Waste Escape Residents of Vancouver Urban A quick stop-motion PSA about separating your compostables.
Recycling, recycling, recycling... BBC- The Omid Djalili Show Recyclers Urban Maybe integrate something like this into a video, but end it differently...something like, "Separating your food waste: It's not THAT hard."
Composting at Cal Give a nice guide into what you can & can't compost & recycle. Info about what Symbols on items indicate is discussed. UC Berkeley community Small Encourages student & community involvement.
Fanshawe College Recycling contamination issues are outlined in a news broadcast setting. College campus Medium
Tony the Recycle Ref Simple, short, silly video reminding you to sort your recycling. College campus Medium A mascot can go a long way
Garbage is garbage Compost at HSU. College campus Medium Silly and Fun.
Chuck will get you. Paper Towel Composting. I just made this,not authorized for anything. Medium Goofy.
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Part of Engr370 Energy Technology and Society
Keywords energy, waste, community based social marketing
Authors Lonny Grafman, Katie Harris, Nicole Caputo
License CC-BY-SA-3.0
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Created April 2, 2012 by Lonny Grafman
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