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Title Concrete Block Producing Equipment
Year 1991

ELLSON Vibro concrete block machine[edit | edit source]

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The ELLSON Vibro Concrete Block Machine produced in India since 1976, is an all-steel arcwelded construction, designed for the semiautomatic production of solid, hollow and cellular concrete blocks of different sizes. The main components of the machine are the frame the mould box and stripper-head, and the vibrator unit. Irrespective of the block type, only plain, locally made wooden pallets are needed for each block produced.

The mould box and corresponding stripper-head can be replaced by other mould/stripper-head attachments, in order to produce concrete blocks and bricks of different types (solid hollow or cellular) and sizes. A standard block size is 40 x 20 x 20 cm (I x w x h), but a mould/ stripper-head attachment is also available to produce two blocks of 40 x 10 x 20 cm at the same time on a common wooden pallet. Single combination moulds with stripper-heads can be supplied to produce plain-ended blocks of different types (that is, solid, hollow or cellular), but with the same overall size. Similarly, moulds and stripper-heads are available to produce four bricks at a time on a common wooden pallet.

The vibrator unit consists of a vibrating platform supported on shock absorbing springs, and - fitted under the platform - a mechanical vibrator, which is driven via a single Vee rope pulley from a shaft with an arrangement for a flat belt fast/free drive at one end. The ELLSON Vibro has an extended detachable base, on which an electric motor can be mounted. The machine is supplied without or with the electric motor and its flat-faced drive pulley. Altenatively, it is possible to drive the machine with a diesel engine, but the engine and the flat-faced drive pulley must be procured locally.

Operating the ELLSON Vibro

The mould box is lowered onto a previously placed wooden pallet resting on the vibrating platform of the machine. The stripper-head is swung sideways, completely exposing the top of the mould box, into which the concrete mix is fed to the top, ensuring that all the face walls and webs (in the case of hollow blocks) are evenly filled.

The mould is vibrated to allow the concrete to settle about 4 - 5 cm. The mould is then filled to the top with further material, the stripper-head swung forward and positioned over the mould, and the pipe handle lowered, making the stripper-head rest on the levelled material. The vibrator is fumed on again so that the pipe handle of the stripper-head comes down to its limit position (indicating the correct block height), whereupon the vibration should be shut off immediately.

The stripping lever on the right of the machine is then pulled down completely to strip the block from the mould box. By doing so, the stripper-head still rests on the top surface of the block while the mould box moves up completely clear of the block. In order to raise the stripper-head off the block's top surface, the pipe handle is thrown back, and the freshly moulded block can then be carefully removed. resting on its pallet.

Anew pallet is oiled and placed on the vibrating platform under the raised mould and the operation repeated.

ELLSON Vibro Concrete Block Machine

Size of machine (length x width x height)

136 x 88 x 155 cm (54 x 35 x 61 in)

Weight of machine (incl. electric motor and I combination mould for 3 block types)

435 kg

Size of crate for shipment

100 x 100 x 168 cm (39 x 39 x 66 in)

Weight of packed machine

550 kg

Standard block size (I x w x h)


40 x 20 x 20 cm (16 x 8 x 8 in)

Other block sizes


40 x 15 x 20 cm (16 x 6 x 8 in)


40x 10x20cm(16x4x8in)

Energy input / transmission

motorized / mechanical

No. of blocks per cycle/output rate (depending on manpower)

1 - 2/45 - 90 blocks per hour

Labour force required (incl. mixing, carrying away blocks, etc)

5 - 11 men

Price (ex works) valid dune 1991
Rs = Indian Rupees


32000 Rs (» 1600 US0

(incl 3 comb.moulds in diff. sizes for solid, hollow (or cellular)

blocks, electric motor, scoops, sample wooden pallets and packing)

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