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Mobile Blockmaking Machines[edit | edit source]

Multibloc Limited
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United Kingdom
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Description[edit | edit source]

The Multibloc 5, 8, 12 mobile blockmaking machines are compact low level machines. They are easy to operate by one man, producing blocks on the floor, thus eliminating pallets and reducing breakage of blocks, ensuring high production efficiency. The machines have few moving parts and are easily maintained. Mouldbox and tampers are quickly interchangeable, enabling a wide range of different blocks to be produced.

The machines can be operated by electric motor, diesel or petrol.. Electrically the supply requirement would be either 380 volts, 3 phase 50 cycle or 220 volt, I phase 50 cycle. Alternative supplies require special consideration. Traction is offered as an option on electric models if required

Multibloc 5

Multibloc 8

Multibloc 12

Size of machine (I x w x h)

210 x 135 x 184 cm

210 x 165 x 184 cm

210 x 185 x 184 cm

Weight of machine

710 kg

1080 kg .

1650 kg

Size of crate for shipping

220x 150x 120cm

220x 180x 120 cm

220x200x 120cm

Weight of packed machine

880 kg

1160 kg

1740 kg

Standard block size [a]

40 x 20 x 20 cm

40 x 20 x 20 cm

40 x 20 x 20 cm

Other block widths (1x h-same as above) [b end c]

15 and 10 cm

15 and 10cm

15 and10cm


For all machines: Electric 380 volts, 3 phase 50 Hz [i], or Electric 220 volts, 1 phase 50 Hz [ii], or Diesel Petters AAI [iii]


All belt drive:[i] 1 BHP motor,Intermittent run; [ii] 1.5 BHP motor,Continuous run; [iii] 3 BHP engine, Continuous run


Offered as an option on Electric models: [i, ii] 0.25 BHP Motor gearbox unit; [iii] Not available


No of blocks per cycle [a, b, c]

2,3, 5



No of blocks per hour [a, b, c]

60, 90, 150

120, 150, 240

180, 240,360

Labour force required (incl. mixing and filling concrete)

3 men

4 men

5 men

Price (ex works)


2458 £ Sterling (»4300 US0

2671 £ Sterling (» 4680 US0

4168 £ Sterling (»7300US0


3470 £ Sterling (» 6100 US0

3825 £ Sterling (» 7000 US0

4438 £ Sterling (» 7770 US0


Set of 3 moulds

3056 £ Sterling (» 5350 US0

5 176 £ Sterling (» 9060 US0

6427 £ Sterling (»1 1250 US0

June 1991

Spares package

570 £ Sterling (»1000 US0

655 £ Sterling (» 1150 US0

655 £ Sterling (»1 1 50 US0

FOB expenses

299 £ Sterling (»530 US0

377 £ Sterling (»590US0

426 £ Sterling (»750US0

waxaan abti kuu sheegayaa inaan kuu soo dirayo ciwaanka oo dhamystiran

Operating the Multibloc machines[edit | edit source]

Multibloc machines are designed so that they can be teamed up with feeding and handling machines to give a smooth totally integrated operation that saves time and money. For the Multibloc 5 it is best to use a Feed Barrow and Hand Lift Truck, while the Multibloc 8 and 12 are best combined with the Power Feed Truck and Hand Lift Truck.

Cb P04.GIF

The mixed concrete is tipped into the feed tray using a hand barrow or power feed truck.

Cb P05.GIF

The concrete is raked into the mouldbox area until it is 4-5 cm (1.5 - 2 in) above the level of the mould.

Cb P06.GIF

The mouldbox is vibrated by pushing down the foot switch for a few seconds. Pre-vibration time varies according to block disign and type of materials used. The hand rake is used to ensure even distribution in the mouldbox ,raking surplus material onto the feed tray.

Cb P07.GIF

The tamper is pulled over the mould, with the rake and the catch released, dropping the tamper onto the concrete in the mouldbox. Vibration is repeated until the tamper comes down to the height stop tubes.

Cb P08.GIF

To eject the blocks, the handle is pulled down until the tamper catch engages, lifting the mould clear of the blocks. The machine is then pulled forward the required distance and the operation repeated for the next cycle of blocks.

Cb P10.GIF

Other Multibloc Machinery for Concrete Blockmaking[edit | edit source]

Multibloc looks back on 40 years of experience in the production of machines for concrete blockmaking, which are being used in more than 100 countries throughout the world. In addition to the three machines described in this leaflet, Multibloc offers two larger machines: Multibloc 16 and Multibloc 36.

The Multibloc 1 6 is a hydraulically operated block maker, which lays the building blocks on the floor. The machine can be electrically, diesel or petrol driven, and controlled by an operator sitting on an adjustable pivoted seat. The concrete is delivered direct to a sliding feed box, which fills the mouldbox without any physical effort. Since there is no operator fatigue, block production speed i consistently high throughout the day.

The Multibloc 36 is a larger model of the '16' with added facility for increased output A large hopper with hydraulically operate' door reduces the dependence on the feed truck and improves production speed.

A special Multibloc Truck is available for the efficient feeding of concrete to the ma chines and removing of cured products.

Multibloc also produces the BREPAK Bloc Press for making compressed soil block (for details see GATE Product Information: Soil Block Presses).

Cb P09.GIF

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