BlocMatic 4 series blockmaking machines[edit | edit source]

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Description[edit | edit source]

The BlocMatic is an egg-laying type blockmaking machine, which is available in three versions:

  • BlocMatic 4E Electric (3 Ph., 440 V, SO cps)
  • BlocMatic 4P Petrol Engine Driven
  • BlocMatic 4D Diesel Engine Driven

A manual gear unit can also be provided for remote locations, where no suitable energy supply is available.

The BlocMatic was designed to manufacture blocks, bricks, pipes, etc, from concrete or other compactable materials. A wide range of moulds for standard size products are available, but special shapes and sizes can be made on request.

The machine, moulds and tamper units, etc, arc designed and manufactured to withstand rough use over long periods. Since the BlocMatic is very simple to operate, no skilled labour is required. The unique demoulding assistance system and swing out compaction head minimize operator fatigue and ensure consistently high rates of production.

Some Special Features of the BlocMatic[edit | edit source]

  • A demoulding and resetting assistance device, which helps the operator strip the product from the mould, reducing the effort by 80 %;
  • automatic tamper lock down device, which ensures positive stripping, indicates when the block is at the precise height required and then allows the tamper to be lifted by the mould to the reset position for filling;
  • swing-out tamper head, which allows the mould to be filled easily and the head to be swung back quickly with minimum operator movement and loss of time;
  • quick change mould assembly, making mould changes quick and easy, just by removing two nuts;
  • automatic braking and positioning, ensuring that the machine moves exactly the correct distance to set down the next set of blocks, after which a locating device operates making the machine immobile (although this device can be overridden, so that the machine can be turned or moved when not in production);
  • high skirt plates all around mould filling area, to permit rapid filling without sillage on casting area or product already made (therefore more speed, no waste and better blocks);
  • single screw block height adjustment, for rapid height adjustment, while the tamper remains level without the need for the usual four adjustments;
  • Iarge diameter, heavy duty wheels, with ball bearings for easy machine movement and long life. Powered traction also available on the 4E.

Operating the BlocMatic[edit | edit source]

1. The machine is positioned on a smooth level concrete surface, at the spot where the blocks are to be cast. The concrete mix is tipped over the mould tray area and raked over the mould approximately 50 mm deep.

2. The foot pedal is briefly pressed to give a short burst of vibration, which fills the mould The concrete is raked off level with the mould top and the surplus drawn back onto the tray.

3. The tamper is swung over the mould, the vibrator switched on by pressing the foot pedal and the tamper released with the drop lever.

4. When the tamper lock drops in over the block height adjuster, the block is formed. The vibration must then continue for a few seconds to release the tamper faces.

5. The foot pedal is released to stop the vibration and the main lever turned to eject the blocks onto the floor. The turning has to be continued until the tamper latches are in the raised position.

6. Finally, the brake release pedal is pressed and the machine rolled to the next casting area, whereby the machine stops automatically and locks itself in the correct position. The mould is lowered again and the tamper swung out, so that the production cycle can be repeated as described above.

Other BlocMatic Equipment[edit | edit source]

A pick-up truck (to carry one drop of blocks a a time) enables the casting area to be cleared quickly and with very little effort, without the need to lift the blocks by hand.

Powered feed trucks (barrows) are also avail able to take the concrete mix from the mixer to the machine.

BlocMatic 4E, 4P, 4D

Size of machine (length x width x height)

220 x.125 x 137 cm (87 x 49 x 54 in)

Weight of machine (without mould or tamper)

4E = 503; 4P = 505; 4D = 534 kg

Weight of mould and tamper unit (average)

104 kg

Size of crate for shipment

152 x 152 x 244 cm (60 x 60 x 96 in)

Weight of packed machine (incl. 3 moulds/tampers, a pick-op truck and spares)

1150 kg

Standard block sizes (I x w x h)


(hollow) 40 x 20 x 20 cm (16 x 8 x 8 in)


(kollow) 40 x 10 x 20 cm (16 x 4 x 8 in)


(solid) 40 x 10 x 20 cm (16 x 4 x 8 in)

Energy input / transmission

motorized or manual operation / mechanical

No. of blocks per cycle/output rate


3 / 180 blocks per hour


6 /360 blocks per hour


6 / 360 blocks per hour

Labour force required

3 men

Price (ex works) valid June 1991

BlocMatic 4E (Electric)

2919 £ Sterling (»5 100 US0

BlocMatic 4P (Petrol)

3 045 £ Sterling (»5 330 US0

BlocMatic 4D (Diesel)

3 254 £ Sterling (» 5 700 US0

Mould for block size a

580 £ Sterling (» I 020 US0

Mould for block size b

755 £ Sterling (»1320 US0

Mould for block size c

520 £ Sterling (» 9 10 US0

Pick-up truck

331 £ Sterling (» 580 US0

Packing case + FOB approx.

450 £ Sterling(» 790 US0

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