Appropedia and its community have benefited from several course-based translation projects. In order to extend that success and broaden the adoption of such projects, we are documenting the benefits and methods of these programs. If you create an article related to course-based translation, please add this category to the article.

Things to consider[edit | edit source]

As we encourage instructors to engage in using Appropedia as a platform for course-based translation, there are several resources that would be valuable:

  1. A slide presentation for instructors to use to share with their classes
  2. A YouTube "how-to" video showing some basics of wiki registration and usage
    1. A related video on how instructors can use article history to see who has worked on an article
  3. We need one or a series of collections of "technical phrase dictionary" pages between various languages
    • Example: "grey water" is somewhat idiomatic. Literally translating such idiomatic phrases will often fail to convey the desired meaning
  4. We need to experiment with how to organize those tech phrase dictionaries.
    1. We can start with one, with all topics and all languages
    2. Over time, we can separate by topic and/or by language

Discussion[View | Edit]

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