Will I be making a difference?[edit | edit source]

Yes! You'll be helping to build a comprehensive database of knowledge for solutions in sustainability and in overcoming poverty. You'll be helping to empower changemakers and connect them with the knowledge, the people, and organizations they need.

Will this help my career and personal development?[edit | edit source]

Yes - this is central to our volunteer program. We want to have you doing work that stretches you, lets you be creative, and develops your abilities.

We're happy to share with you what we've learned, and we're also happy to learn from you and with you.

What kinds of volunteer positions do you offer?[edit | edit source]

Our volunteer positions include:

Others will be added - if you have ideas for other areas you'd like to work on, please get in touch.

Where do I need to be?[edit | edit source]

This is virtual volunteering - you can work from anywhere in the world with internet access. You'll be working with people who might be on the other side of the world, using email, chat and VOIP and our online collaboration platforms (the wiki itself, and for tech volunteers, we may use an additional task tracker).

However, if you're near to one of our mentors, or one of our active community members, there will probably be chances to meet face-to-face. These locations might include Arcata in Humboldt, California; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Jakarta, Indonesia; Melbourne, Australia; and London, England.

What do you look for in an applicant?[edit | edit source]

You'll need to take initiative, experiment and report on what's working and what isn't. We have a high respect for failure with enthusiasm, which is often the basis for future success, and even more often the basis for very valuable learning.

Relevant knowledge is important - you don't need to be an expert, but you will probably be developing skills you already have.

Being a virtual volunteer, you'll need to be good at managing your time, organizing yourself and getting things done - online volunteering isn't for everyone. We're happy to share what helps us get things done.

What is the commitment?[edit | edit source]

Our standard agreement is for 4 hours per week for 20 weeks or 8 hours per week for 10 weeks - your preference. We're flexible in the details - we value your commitment, but we have no problem with you arranging your work times around exams, for example.

Is there a stipend?[edit | edit source]

We generally do not offer stipends, but this may change. If there are costs involved in your work, we'll see what we can do to avoid you being out of pocket.

Note that the Appropedia Foundation is a non-profit organization and at this stage has no paid employees.

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