The Law and IP internship may be best suited to a mixed internship - e.g. including part of a content internship.

Ideas for service learning projects for a law student, as an intern or as a class project:

  • Confirm for certain whether we can use UK government works, published under their new Open Government License, within Appropedia. It seems like this should be fine, as it's meant to be interoperable with CC-by, and we're CC-by-sa (which allows us to use CC-by content). Try searching the Creative Commons community mailing list archive with a Google site: search, or join the list & ask. The Open Knowledge Foundation in the UK are also friendly and helpful on such questions.
  • Study of IPR (intellectual property rights) as they relate to technology, productivity and development; Optional extension of the project implications for OSAT, considering the views of strong IP advocates as well as advocates of openness/freedom such as Lawrence Lessig and Richard Stallman. (Points to consider: the degree of technological progress before modern style IPR protection; differing motivations for technological progress;...)
  • Refine the Public Domain Search. This consists mainly of US federal government sites, and the challenge is that many subdomains and perhaps are not public domain, either because they are state or local governments, or contain third-party content. This task involves identifying non-PD sites which are still showing up in the results. These are listed, to be added to the exclusion list. Chriswaterguy can provide guidance.
  • Clarify whether it's acceptable to have non open licensed video content embedded within Appropedia.

Resources[edit | edit source]

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