Content internships with Appropedia involve working directly on the site itself, improving the quality and breadth of the information, as well as its presentation and organization.

The work[edit | edit source]

Like a building, Appropedia is under construction, and takes coordination and team effort.

There is a large degree of flexibility in the work. Each intern can choose an area of focus, working on one or more of the following:

  • Porting
  • Expanding or improving a specific topic area
  • Structure, including categorization. Using a tool such as AutoWikiBrowser is useful here. (Alternatively, Pywikipediabot has been used on Appropedia, and is very powerful, if you have some degree of tech skill - easier than coding but harder than using Excel.)

Opportunity[edit | edit source]

This team of interns will work independently and as a group to address specific issues with and determine potential improvements.

involve Appropedia and general wiki tasks. This page's discussion page will serve as the primary method of communication.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

The only fixed requirements are a desire to learn and a willingness to try.

Knowledge of a relevant programming language (PHP, Python) is desirable, as is experience with installing software on a server, and experience with the open source platforms that we'll be working with. However, you can also gain this experience during the internship.

Mentors and helpers[edit | edit source]

Interns and mentors will work together and help each other as challenges are encountered. You may already be assigned a "wiki mentor." Besides that, there are many others in the Appropedia community who are happy to help Teratornis

Our way of working is open - others outside the official team may join the work here, by commenting, sharing an answer or suggestion or taking on a task.

Wiki mentors: Mentoring is shared. Chriswaterguy takes responsibility for managing the program, but several experienced Appropedians will be watching this page and offering their help.

If you want to help, just "watch" the page.

Watch this page and get alerts[edit | edit source]

For interns and supporters, a good way to watch this page effectively is to:

  • Click the watch tab above to add the page to your watchlist. That watches this page and the talk page.
  • Under Special:Preferences > (you'll need to have a registered email address - ensure that the mails reach your inbox).
  • Note that if you receive an alert, you won't receive any more updates until after the next time you view the page while logged in.

Discussion takes place on the talk page for this page. It is strongly recommended that you "watch" the page (log in and click the watch tab at the top of the page). Set up your preferences to receive email alerts, and you'll be alerted of any change on this page or the talk page.

Where and when[edit | edit source]

Appropedia is a global online project, and you can work from anywhere with internet access.

Start date is flexible.

Join up![edit | edit source]

Benefits: Being an intern with Appropedia, whether or not it's a requirement for a course you're enrolled in, offers you a chance to learn as part of a team, while making a difference, making solutions to the world's challenges accessible and usable. It can boost your CV, your knowledge and your confidence.

Apply: If you are interested in joining the team, please leave a note for Chriswaterguy, or email to:

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