The Psychology and sustainability internship looks at the relationship between how to inspire sustainable action - from the design and placement of recycling bins to the best approaches to community engagement and use of media.

This is a mixed internship - part of a content internship, and partly assisting with Appropedia's design and/or engagement strategy.


  • Ideally you should be familiar with the role of psychology in understanding environmental/sustainable/community action, or be in the third or fourth year of an undergraduate degree in psychology.
  • Experience or study related to sustainability is valued.
  • As with all Appropedia internships, this is an online program and an unusual level of motivation and organizational skills are required.

Ideas for service learning projects for a psychology and sustainability student include:

  • Create articles describing effective strategies for sustainable action and for engaging the wider community in sustainable action. A major areas of focus is climate change, but any other area of sustainability is suitable, such as water use, recycling, urban planning (sustainable cities) or sustainable food production.
  • Appropedia social media strategy: identifying effective strategies for (a) increasing awareness and positive perceptions of Appropedia, and (b) increasing the likelihood that a visitor will engage more deeply by sharing, commenting or editing.
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