This page lists existing and desired resources that can / could be used in support of course-based translation.

Existing Resources[edit source]

  • List of wiki-savvy volunteers who will "buddy up" with instructors / classes to help them feel comfortable
    • Where practical, attend first day of class (or "wiki launch day" if not first day) in person
    • Otherwise, try to attend first day virtually via Skype or concall
    • Be available via email after that

Desired Resources[edit source]

  • YouTube "how to use the wiki" screencasting video(s)
    • Basic registration, page creation, etc
    • Special video or podcast for instructors (with some pitch by Nell?)
  • Clean map of how-to articles? Review the Help area first
    • A specific "how-to" article for language instructors (Curt to do this shortly, need to review closely with Nell)
      • How to get started (discussing environmentalism, poverty reduction, etc)
      • Student online account registration (should create a category to make it easy to find all your students) (did Nell do this?)
      • "Viewing Student contributions", "emailing your students", User pages, User talk pages, online grading?
      • How your students can choose articles
      • How to use History to see who has edited what
      • Using "talk" pages
      • Naming your new article
      • Adding Categories
  • Wishlist of articles that people would like to see translated
  • A living, student grown "Technical phrase language translations" which shows technical idioms in many languages (ex: grey water = ?)

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