This page contains draft language intended to be sent to university language departments, inviting them to consider course-based projects involving translation of Appropedia articles.

Appropedia has been benefited from supporting university course projects involving students with advanced language skills translating articles. The professors and students benefit as well. Appropedia is very interested in engaging more university language departments in these kinds of projects.

Proposed email invitation content[edit | edit source]

Dear Language Educator, (this greeting should be customized, of course!)

Does your institution teach advanced language skills? If so, you're aware of the challenges of making advanced coursework challenging, relevant and interesting., a site for collaborative solutions in sustainability, poverty reduction and international development, has hosted mutually beneficial course-based projects that are fresh and compelling for students as well as convenient for educators. One student went so far as to say "Working on Appropedia was an experience of a lifetime. The site increased my knowledge of sustainable development greatly and expanded my understanding of the German language. Everyone should get involved in this site." Professor Eleanor ter Horst at Clarion University has used Appropedia-hosted programs more than once in her upper-level language courses, and values the student enthusiasm, and the way the tools support effective student collaboration. She found that students were more motivated when working on translation via Appropedia, and that the projects led to to more sophisticated use of the target language.

You can learn more about these kinds of programs at this web page:

Dr ter Horst also welcomes inquiries about her experiences using Appropedia as a platform for advanced language coursework. You can contact her at or view her user page on Appropedia, which gives more details about possible student projects.

There are no fees or charges for doing course-based work on Appropedia. is the website of The Appropedia Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)(3) California corporation.

We all know that foreign language skills are immensely valuable for building bridges across cultures. Now there's a way to build those skills while helping others. Thank you for considering Appropedia-hosted translation programs.

(signed by sender)

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External links[edit | edit source]

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