This article is a collection of suggestions for how to plan a language course-based translation project wherein Appropedia articles are translated by advanced language students.

First, what defines success?[edit source]

  • a usable translation
  • information connecting the translated article to the original
  • creating a sense of accomplishment and enduring ownership in the student

What is nice, but not required[edit source]

  • Perfect formatting
  • Complete categorization
  • Links to other relevant wiki articles
  • External links

Find a volunteer to partner with[edit source]

Look over the list of volunteers that are available to support course-based translation projects. Contact one or more to find one with compatible availability.

Structuring the project[edit source]

There many possible approaches that can work

  • Individual work
  • Teams
  • Partners
    • Typically partners each author their own translations, and each reviews and revises the others' translations

Creating a category for your students[edit source]

(Did Nell do this?)

Get familiar with resources[edit source]

Get familiar with wiki features[edit source]

  • History helps see who can edit
  • Article "talk" pages
  • User talk pages
  • Page view counts

Get the students ready[edit source]

Discuss sustainability[edit source]

Discuss collaboration[edit source]

Get them familiar with Appropedia[edit source]

  • Launch day