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* Twitter: @lucasgonzalez
* Twitter: @lucasgonzalez
* GitHub and Data Science:
* GitHub and '''Data Science''':

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Me ...


  • A lifetime in Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain), currently in Scotland.
  • Micro-CV: MD (medical doctor), PhD, epidemiology in public health, flu surveillance (sentinel network, software), severe pandemic planning, tools for cooperative and creative thinking (including mindmaps), translations (including subtitles of videos, done cooperatively), permaculture (including emergency permaculture), music as a deep hobby (guitar, composition, arrangement)


  • Lucas Gonzalez SC (dots not spaces, at gmail com)
  • Twitter: @lucasgonzalez




  • Lucas Gonzalez SC (puntos, no espacios, en gmail punto com)
  • Tenerife, Canarias, España + Sutherland, Escocia, Reino Unido
  • Twitter: @imacan
  • Bitácora:

... and some stuff I've done

Canaripedia (español), Localpedia (English)

Resilience, pandemics, Ebola

  • (link to was broken so now the files are hosted in resiliencemaps itself - good license!)
  • Ebola is a broad view on how to use appropriate tech for Ebola, and Excubator is a specific concept to explore a different type of hazmat suit.

Permaculture, Food etc


For The FWD I wrote 3 pieces:


I've done some scale models:

For Hexayurt I've helped with some how-tos:

  • Camp Danger Hexayurt Hinge Technique: high quality videos for a smart refinement. Probably useful for many other light-panel hexayurt designs.
  • Plywood: there's plywood everywhere. Harder to build than light-panel hexayurts, but maybe the panels are more widely available. A how-to is a must for this kind of hexayurt, so please help make a better documentation.
  • H 13: The standard "classic" hexayurt uses 12 panels. One extra panel and you get 66% extra standing room. Can use "foldable" ideas if built with light panels.
  • Pup_Hexayurt I contributed the image for the panel pictured on the side.

Also for Hexayurt, I translated Pais_Hexayurt, which is about Haiti but may also be applicable to other settings.



  • Slides.bas was a piece of software I wrote to explain last-year examples to a first-year student. First written in applesoft, I ported it into ms-basic.
  • I wrote a musical keyboard program in assembler for the 6502.
  • SOLE is a simple outline editor. Wants to be like Maxthink (only free, multiplatform and multilanguage) when it grows up.

Music and Videos

Older version of this page has older version of this page, with many of my interests and some examples I may have forgotten to port to this main page.