Short term notes[edit source]

Tasks from 5/4/2010[edit source]

  • Make user page more in-depth
    • Include tentative travel itinerary
  • Email copy of your insurance
  • Email draft of intro letter (introducing yourself to potential organizations/project leads that you want to document)
  • Post draft list of organizations to contact at User:Lizkimbrough/Potential_projects
    • Format that page with Countries as headings and organizations/projects as bullets.
    • Eventually we will probably make a table out of the list with columns for Country, contact information, status, etc.
  • Make (well... start) the CCAT MEOW page.

--Lonny 19:57, 4 May 2010 (UTC)

Tasks from 5/11/2010[edit source]

--Lonny 21:30, 12 May 2010 (UTC)

Tasks 5/18/2010[edit source]

  • Find a spot at the Greens conference
    • Ask Melanie about it (dates, real name)
  • Fix links and citations for map images
  • Make categories from the countries (use Colombia as an example).
  • Redirects for non-accented pages to categories.
  • Separate page for CCAT MEOW rack
  • Email copy of your insurance
  • Continue on CCAT MEOW
  • Sign paperwork
  • Keep working on that intro to your page. :) It could be just a couple of lines.

--Lonny 19:37, 18 May 2010 (UTC)

Tasks 6/21/2010[edit source]

  • Continue making contacts.
  • Post three pages.

Notes[edit source]

--Lonny 21:20, 21 June 2010 (UTC)

Long term notes[edit source]

Special characters (when traveling)[edit source]

These alt codes usually only work from the numberpad. Use number lock on a laptop if there is no numberpad.

  • alt-126 for ~
  • alt-64 for @
  • alt-124 for |

Bioneers booth (Oct 15-17th, 2010) on Appropedia[edit source]

    • Poster
    • Large screen for laptop (faster laptop?)
    • Talking points
    • Tablers
      • Remind Lonny in September to find Tablers

Global summit (Nov 8-10th, 2010) presentation about travel intern[edit source]

Global summit table about Appropedia[edit source]

    • Tablers

Travel Intern Steward[edit source]

Hi Liz,

I am your very own travel intern steward. This is the first time I'm taking on a stewardship role, so I am hoping we can work together and keep in touch about your progress. I believe my job is to keep track of initiatives that you will be involved with during your travel internship and help to promote them. In addition to this I will also be spending a few hours each week to go over edits and new content for articles related to the initiatives.

Hope to hear from you soon! Good luck!!

Ayon Shahed

(my email is