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Mission: Manifest Heaven on Mother Earth (H.O.M.E.) where we learn to remain in open-hearted appreciation:

  • of the gifts that we are with one another
  • of the abundant gifts of Mother Earth
  • of the blessings of our true nature as divine beings.

Goals[edit | edit source]

Provide a Landing Zone for the New Paradigm by focusing on our role as members of the landing crew. This includes networking with other Landing Crew members here in Costa Rica, Landing Crew Arrivals, welcoming ALL ready to return H.O.M.E. (to Heaven On Mother Earth), and joining with those issuing a call to for the New Paradigm Landing Crew to gather in Costa Rica.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

Organize, furnish and operate The Rainbow Hostel for these purposes and the benefit of All Our Relations; and especially as a place to nourish the Landing Crew Community in Costa Rica and those wishing to join with us. For this purpose, The Rainbow Hostel will function as a Experiential Learning Center focusing on Personal Transformation and Social Sustainability.

Social Methods and Structure[edit | edit source]

The inspiration heart of our structure with each other comes from Rainbow Gatherings which have a remarkable record of international success over the past 4 decades and is remarkably simple: just love, no violence.

Accordingly, in order to Embody this Change We Are for the Planet,

We Pledge to One Another and to All We Welcome H.O.M.E here:

  • to walk lightly on the earth;
  • to respect and care for each other and for all living things;
  • to drop all forms of violence in our dealings with each other;
  • to deal with each other up front and with open hearts.

Our Hostel, like Rainbow Gatherings, is open to all peaceful people. There are no invitations or memberships. No one is turned away, except for breaking the pledge of non-violence. If you have a belly button, you can be a Rainbow. The Rainbow is made up of all colors.

At The Rainbow Hostel, there are no rules. We emphasize the importance of understandings and a desire that we all live by the integrity of the words we speak and the agreements we make. We believe that in this paradigm, there is no need for rules, there are only choices. There is no need for leaders here, there is only consensus. No one is empowered to speak for anyone but ourselves, and that power is given without conditions.

In accordance with these pledges and traditions, we have a body of understandings about what works. These guidelines are covered in the following sections. Anyone at any time may call a circle to discuss modifying any of these understandings. However, until the time that we come to an agreement about what will work better, please respect the agreements and understandings of those who have gone before us.

Council[edit | edit source]

We gather in a circle to govern ourselves at Main Council, where we find out about ongoing activities, tell each other our heart songs, and take care of other notions. It is held every evening in Main Meadow, and announced by the blowing of the conch shell.

We pass a feather (or other sacred object) around the circle, letting each person speak in turn while holding it, without interruption. Talking, listening, and sharing our deepest feelings is how we find new perspectives on each other, and new ways to solve problems.

Consensus[edit | edit source]

Consensus is how we govern ourselves. This means coming to solutions based on our understandings and acceptable to everyone, not just a majority.

If we have problems, we bring them up at our circles and discuss them. During the discussion someone usually brings out an issue and asks for consensus. If no one radically objects, then consensus is reached. (This is sometimes called consensus by silence, i.e. nobody speaks after consensus is asked for.)

Consensus gives every person a chance to be heard and have their input weighed equally. The smallest minority has a chance to change the collective mind if their vision is keener. It is possible that Spirit has given them a message that is presently beyond the perception of the rest of the council.

If people exercise this power to go against the majority, they must have not listened to the collective wisdom in good conscience. Any block must be viewed by the group to be based on Rainbow traditions and our shared purpose with each other. A block may not to used to place an individual's will above the group's. Working this out can be very long and exhausting to the participts. Consensus works in an environment of trust, where everyone suffers or gains alike from the decision. Everyone must

  • Listen;
  • Participate;
  • Get informed;
  • Be rational;
  • Be part of the process from the beginning.

Conflict Resolution / Reconciliation[edit | edit source]

A major part of taking responsibility for dealing with each other up front and with open hearts, is taking responsibility for our experience of conflict with others. In this context, conflict is experienced as any difficulty we have in trusting or accepting another just as they are presenting themselves to us. We have been encouraged to distrust one another and to separate ourselves from one another. In order for the purpose and promise of Rainbow to be realized, we agree to take responsibility for reversing these habits and conditionings of distrust and separation.

Important ways for taking that responsibility is our process of conflict resolution and reconciliation.

  • The first step is acknowledging that we are having a difficulty, and taking responsibility for it;
  • If we are unable to come to peace and resolve the difficulty within ourselves, we will ask for the help of the person(s) with whom we are having difficulty;
  • If we are unable to find a resolution, then together we take responsibility for seeking assistance from someone else whom we both trust;
  • If all assistance we seek together is not effective, then we together call a talking circle to seek assistance with the issues we are facing with one another.

Non-Violent Communication[edit | edit source]

Another important way to take direct responsibility for keeping our hearts open with each other is Non-Violent, communication.

For example, Non-Violent Communication assumes that:

  • In any situation anyone's needs can be met
  • No one's needs are more important than anyone else's needs
  • We respect everyone's behaviour as the very best they are able to do, to meet their needs and teaches us practical techniques to achieve these outcomes
  • SO We do not blame anyone for their behavior, or for ours

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