Rainbow 4 Black Tanks
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Instance of Rainwater harvesters
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Type Project
Keywords rainwater, rainwater catchment
SDGs Sustainable Development Goals SDG06 Clean water and sanitation
Authors Liz Kimbrough
Published 2010
License CC BY-SA 4.0
Affiliations The Rainbow Hostel
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Location Golfito, Costa Rica

The Rainbow Hostel is located close to Golfito, Costa Rica. This forming community intends to serve as a learning center for social sustainability. A gravity fed, rainwater catchment system supplies all of the water for the main house which includes sinks, showers and toilets.

Lower system[edit | edit source]

Rain water is collected from roof of the main house with gutters (Fig 1). The water passes through screen to filter out debris (Fig 2). Water then flows to 3 tanks and then is gravity fed to the downstairs of main house and bathrooms.

Upper System[edit | edit source]

Water from the upper system (Fig 1) goes from a small roof (Fig 2) and through a concrete tank filled with sand (Fig 3). The water is filtered through the sand and is stored in an upper tank (Fig 4). This water gravity feeds the upstairs of house.