I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate student from Michigan Technological University. I have completed my Under graduation in Automobile Engineering from Osmania University, India. Now, I am looking forward towards pursuing research, in the field of mechanical engineering, with a diverse perspectve for sustainable engineering technologies.


Work Experience[edit | edit source]

After my under-graduation in 2016, I have taken up apprenticeship in Vehicle Production Unit of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Automotive Division in Zahirabad, India, for one year in the field of automotive manufacturing. Later in 2018, I have worked with Morris Garages Motor India for six months in Manufacturing Engineering department.

Research Interest[edit | edit source]

Hybrid electric vehicles, Sustainable Development technologies, Wireless electricity, Solar and Photovoltaic technology, Renewable energy resources.

Knowledge and skills[edit | edit source]

proE, AutoCad, Dynamic Control Plan, Value Stream Mapping, 7 Quality Control Tools, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).

Projects[edit | edit source]


To design and fabricate a Hybrid Tricycle (Tadpole model) for SAENIS Efficycle 2014 in Chennai, India.

Division: Design of power drive (chain) system of a Hybrid Tricycle.

ISME India Competition 2015:

Building a 125cc Go-kart for the national level ISME India Competition 2015 in Coimbatore, India.

SAE India BAJA 2016:

To design and fabricate an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) for SAE INDIA BAJA in 2016 held at Indore, India.

Division: design of Steering Mechanism and Electrical System for an ATV.

Semi-automatic clutch in heavy vehicles:

Senior year major project, ‘Semi-automatic Clutch in heavy vehicles’- it’s aim is to introduce an ergonomic design and mechanism for clutch operation in trucks and buses to make the drive easeful for long distances and in heavy traffic.

Publications[edit | edit source]

Research paper entitled ‘On-the-run Charging Solar Vehicle’ in International Journal of Engineering & Technical Research Volume 3 (IJETR Vol-3) Issue 05. Paper ID: IJETR/03/2183 (2015). [1]

Owing to my interest in hybrid vehicle technologies and sustainable engineering I have done a self-interest project, as a group of four members, in making a solar powered vehicle. This paper elaborately explains the fabrication of simple solar powered vehicle from a very basic level for beginners who are willing to have hands on experience making their own solar vehicle.

Current Project[edit | edit source]

Photovoltaic LED street light [2] This project is about the study and analysis of solar powered LED lights against the conventional incandescent bulbs used as street lights especially in the nowy regions. In geographical regions where there is abundant sunlight over a major part of the year, solar powered LED lights have proved to be an excellent alternative to the conventional lighting systems on highways and streets. But in regions which face snow fall with less sunlight for most or half of the year, installation of photovoltaic panels to yield similar advantages is greatly uncommon. It seems difficult to produce efficient benefits in terms of effort and money. So, this project deals with this impossibility to make it possible!

This project is a step-by-step strategy to firstly understand the geographical and climatic conditions of the region under study, evaluate the available technology, apprehend the commercial aspects of installation in that community, then do the technical viability and the economics, and finally draw out the best possible solution for a profitable and sustainable method for the installation of PV-LED street lights.

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