Tolocars: Versatile Mobile Makerspaces[edit | edit source]

The Tolocar project is the first of its kind. Although there is a growing number of various types of mobile makerspaces serving different needs, the scale and scope of the project are without precedent: A fleet of three vans and a truck are being used to both support emergency relief and reconstruction efforts, and help to establish a well-connected innovation ecosystem in the country, which will be instrumental to the development of a more decentralized, inclusive and equitable systems of production and value creation after the war. Notably, while the project led by HIWW offers capabilities that could be valuable in military contexts, Tolocar maintains a steadfast commitment to the humanitarian principle of “no dual use”.

Serving different purposes with one goal[edit | edit source]

All across Ukraine, projects by different Tolocar teams have successfully implemented a series of interventions aimed at fostering community development, resilience, and social integration. These interventions have brought together local residents, organizations, and volunteers to address specific needs, empower Ukrainian makers, and support the sustainable, inclusive and participatory recovery of the country.

During the Tolocar project, different partners used differently equipped mobile makerspaces for different purposes.
During the Tolocar project, different partners used differently equipped mobile makerspaces for different purposes.

CADUS were the first to send a fully equipped van loaded with professional tools to Ukraine. This van served as a valuable resource for the CADUS team and volunteers, working closely with Ukrainian organizations for a duration of four months. The final intervention of the CADUS van was the transformation of a travel bus into a Mobile Intensive Care Unit in Ivano-Frankivsk, where digital designs were made and turned into stretcher brackets by Pavlo Marchenko, a local welder.

MitOst, on the other hand, outfitted one van with professional workshop tools and a 3D printer. This van was utilized by the local organization MetaLab to support rebuilding and reconstruction efforts across various regions of Ukraine. Subsequently, it was handed over to HIWW and is currently predominantly used in and around Okhtyrka. A second van was transferred to Ostriv Platform, a  prominent maker community in Kyiv. They have used it in activities such as the renovation of a community space in Derevnya, and the restoration of a dormitory for internally displaced people in Kamianets-Podilskyi. In addition, MitOst rented a Tolocar Support Car from Kolya Kravchenko to transport volunteers and materials inside Ukraine.

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