Tolocar: A Journey of Tech, Togetherness, and Impact[edit | edit source]

Tobias Redlich (left) Managing Director of HIWW Hamburger Institut für Wertschöpfungssystematik und Wissensmanagement. HIWW supports and accompanies organizations in breaking new ground in the areas of value creation and knowledge management focused on openness, decentralization and sustainability.

Dear readers,

As we close the Tolocar Playbook, I reflect on our journey with a sense of profound accomplishment, gratitude, and optimism. This project represents not just a successful co-creative initiative but a pivotal chapter in the evolving narrative of open source hardware and the global maker community.

When we embarked on this venture, our goal was clear: to leverage the power of distributed manufacturing and community solidarity to support the socio-economic recovery in Ukraine. Our fleet of mobile makerspaces, each a hub of innovation and creativity, has traveled to different parts of Ukraine, bringing hope and empowerment to communities. We have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of open technologies and shared knowledge. From facilitating critical repairs to fostering local innovation, the Tolocars have become symbols of resilience and ingenuity.

At the heart of the Tolocar project is the community. The spirit of Toloka – communal work – has been our guiding force. This project has shown us the immense potential that lies in collaborative efforts, uniting people across borders and backgrounds in a shared mission.

The journey, while rewarding, has not been without its challenges - first and foremost Russia‘s war of aggression, which continues to cause loss, grief and trauma. Logistical hurdles, adapting to evolving needs, and learning valuable lessons in real-time collaboration and problem-solving seem small in comparison. Our experiences have enriched our understanding and will undoubtedly shape our future endeavors.

As we look to the future, our commitment to empowering communities through technology remains unwavering. The foundations laid by the Tolocar project will serve as a springboard for further initiatives. We envision a world where innovation and collaboration are not just ideals but the norm, where every community has the tools and knowledge to shape their destiny.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to our dedicated team, partners, supporters, and, most importantly, the communities we serve. Your determination, resilience, and ingenuity have been the true driving forces behind Tolocar‘s success.

I hope that you, dear readers, will let this book ignite your imagination and inspire you to embrace the potential of open source hardware and makerspaces. Together, let’s harness these tools to make a real difference, not just in Ukraine but across the world!

Dr. Tobias Redlich

Managing Director, HIWW

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