The Tolocar Van, one of five mobile makerspaces launched in Ukraine in 2022

The Van which was equipped by InMachines and launched in October 2022 is a compact yet powerful hub of innovation on wheels. The van is small enough to be used with ease in cities, powerful enough to drive long distances faster and more comfortably than the truck, and robust enough to manage any road condition in any weather. Its self-sufficient power supply offers the flexibility to operate anywhere, even in remote locations. The van comes outfitted with an array of cutting-edge machinery, electronic laboratory tools, and a comprehensively equipped workshop.

Assembly Manual of the Mobile Fablab 04 for Ukraine
Assembly Manual of the Mobile Fablab 04 for Ukraine

Marcello Tania documented the conversion on his website and created a PDF manual.

An inside view of the Tolocar Van.
An inside view of the Tolocar Van.
Make and Model Iveco 35 - 160
Weight 3.5 tons
Nominal power 115 kW/156 PS
Dimensions 7.13 m x 2.0 1m x 2.66 m
Home Base Ivano - Frankivsk

Vehicle-related Equipment[edit | edit source]

Safety & Security[edit | edit source]

Alarm system + 5 sensors
Spare Wheel
Vehicle Toolkit
Windshield frost cover
2x digital remote, 1x analogue keys

Power & Heating[edit | edit source]

Working voltage of 230V, maximum combined output current of 40A
Power station with rechargeable battery and 3 solar panels
1x Power station: Bluetti AC200P
1x Power station: Bluetti B230
3x Solar panels 36V 100 W
1x Diesel heater

Furniture[edit | edit source]

Modular furniture system: 2 chairs + 1 table

Work-related Equipment[edit | edit source]

Computer[edit | edit source]

6x Laptops
1x Starlink receiver
1x Tablet
1x Inkjet paper printer, spare cartridges set
1x Smartphone as emergency WiFi LTE modem
1x Documentation Server: Dell Optiplex 9020
1x XGimi Mogo Pro+ screen projector with white screen (incl. accessories)
1x 3D Scanner: Revopoint Pop 2
4x USB drivers
10x SD cards

Machines[edit | edit source]

3x 3D Printers: Flsun Super Racer
1x Laser cutter: Fabulaser Mini Air Compressor, Air filter, Water chiller Materials for laser cutting: plywood, MDF, acrylic
1x CNC milling machine: CNC6040 Collet set, Milling bits for aluminum and wood, PCB carbide bits, Drilling bits, Surfacing bit, Accessories for changing the bit Materials for the CNC milling machine: aluminum blocks, foam blocks, plastic block, etc.
1x Manual plasma cutter machine, 40 amps + Materials for the plasma cutter: metal rods and plates + Consumables for plasma cutter: tips, etc.
All machines manuals

Electronics Lab equipment[edit | edit source]

1x Baku 603D soldering station
1x Oscilloscope
1x Heat gun
Electronics components: resistors, capacitors, drivers, microcontrollers, copper PCB sheets, etc.
Soldering consumables: soldering wire, cleaning sponge etc
Electrical consumables: heat shrink tubes, AC and DC wires, crimpable connectors

Workshop equipment and tools[edit | edit source]

2x Grinders + Spare blades + Spare sandpaper discs
2x Sanders
2x Extra rechargeable batteries
1x Circular saw + metal and wood drill bits + Spare blades
1x Metal band saw with spare blade
1x Welding machine: GYS Smartmig Gloves, mask, glasses and helmet Materials for the welding machine: metal rods and plates Consumables for the welding machine: tips, wire spools
1x Compressor
1x Vacuum cleaner
2x Stanley interchangeable head screw kit
1x Stanley carpenter set
1x Stanley complete tool set
1x Stanley plier set
1x Stanley bench vise
1x Telescopic ladder
4x Square metal rods for cutting and welding
2x Digital calipers
1x Mitutoyo caliper
1x Silicon pistol
2x Wood rulers
1x Measuring tape
2x Allen Keys
1x Threading set
Pressure gauge
1x Grip pliers set
1x Electronic pliers
1x Spatula
2x Scissors
1x Deburring tools with extra spare heads set
2x Cutter
1xFlash cutter
1x Rubber hammer
1x Metal hammer
3x Filer
1x Chisel set
2x Set of clamps
1x Strap
1x Elastic ropes set
1x Glue gun with spare sticks

Consumables[edit | edit source]

Metal and wood drill bits -
Wood screws
Laser lens wipes
5x Vacuum cleaner
Broom with dust collector
Trash bags
Instant glue
Silicon cartridge
Batteries (AA, AAA)
Laser prefilter: Isopropanol

Safety & security equipment[edit | edit source]

20x Gloves packs (different sizes)
20x Protective glasses
100x Ear protection plugs
2x Safety shoes (pair)
2x Safety clothes sets
3x Powder fire extinguishers
2x Frst aid kits + extra bandages and plasters
2x Fire blankets
100x Dust workshop masks
3x Welding safety gear
10x Instantaneous ice bags
1x Flashlight
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