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Hello, my name is Paola, and I live in El Salvador. I have a degree in International Relations from the University of El Salvador, and I also have a specialization in Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) in development projects; with a MEAL DPro certification endorsed by PM4NGOs.

In 2021, I completed a six-month professional internship at the Embassy and Consulate of the Republic of Panama in the Republic of El Salvador. Thanks to this practical experience I broadened my knowledge on the management of Bilateral Diplomatic Missions, including consular, political, commercial, cultural, administrative and other matters.

Later, in 2022, I started an internship with the United Nations Development Program Acceleration Lab in El Salvador. From the Solutions Mapping practice of AccLabSV, I led the strategy for the ''Grassroots Environmental Solutions Mapping Tour to Community Organizations in El Salvador''. In this initiative, a total of ten field visits were made to non-governmental organizations located throughout El Salvador. The data collected from these visits resulted in the creation of an open repository that is available in Appropedia as ''Cartografías Líquidas''.

I am currently working for the Appropedia Foundation as a User Support Specialist:)

Memberships[edit | edit source]

  • Global Shapers Community - San Salvador - present.
  • Western Journalists Association of El Salvador - present.
  • Collaborator and creator of academic content for the International Cooperation Section of the International Collective Espacio Global - 2021/present.
  • Member of the Salvadoran Youth Movement ''Youth Into Action'' - 2020/present.
  • Reserve member of the European Union - INTPA Youth Sounding Board - 2021/2022.

Specializations[edit | edit source]

Some of my most outstanding recognitions are:

  • Digital Leadership Diploma in Social Inclusion and Human Rights - Organization of American States (OAS).
  • Specialized Course ''Strengthening Women's Leadership as Agents of Change'' - Escuela Centroamericana de Gobierno y Democracia (ECADE).
  • Diploma "General Aspects of Political Systems and Public Management" - Escuela Centroamericana de Gobierno y Democracia (ECADE).
  • International Training Course on Sustainable Development Goals - Red Internacional de Promotores ODS.
  • Diploma in Political History of El Salvador - University of El Salvador (UES).

My work at Appropedia[edit | edit source]

  • User Support Specialist.

Writing and design of web articles in support of open knowledge, sustainability, development and environmental education projects, support and advice to strategic partners and other wiki users, among others.

The projects I am currently working on are:

Subpages[edit | edit source]

This is a list of my subpages:

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